Erotic Adventure: Part 3

POV Of My Little Pet Chris:

It felt both familiar and strange to experience this sort of domination. It’s only natural that my Mistress owns me, given the vast discrepancy between our sizes, so in contrast, being the submissive to a woman my own size was almost disorienting. But my giantess was still watching, Her eager and enraptured expression looming over us. That made it easy to act on instinct: I am Her pet and by extension I will – as a matter of fact, as a matter of course – submit to whomever She tells me to.

Usually, I have no trouble focusing on my Mistress. After all, as far as I’m concerned, She is a skyscraper and the whole world all at once. But as the smaller of the two goddesses had her way with me, I found it harder to focus on my Mistress; the lithe, warm body that was pressing hard against me was just so pleasurably, immediately distracting. It was therefore an even more pleasurable shock when an enormous, warm, and wet tongue began to wrap and writhe around us before I could notice it. The muscle writhed under and over our tiny bodies, slick with salivating over our lust, and it demanded, insistently but gently, that we let it join our dance at once. I and my smaller goddess were only too happy to oblige.

As Her tongue curled and twirled, my Mistress’s smile – so close and so large from our vantage – grew wider. She was genuinely glad for our pleasure, but the larger goddess could not hide the hint of a smirk (especially since we were so close to Her lips) as she reveled in Her power over our bodies as we pressed ourselves against Her tongue. Slowly, her tongue pulled us into the cavern of Her mouth, Her hot breath washing over us in powerful gusts. She kept Her lips open as she walked over to a mirror in order to observe her avatar’s domination of me while we were completely, entirely inside Her mouth. Her moans as we danced for Her – inside Her – rumbled through us like an earthquake, but they only served to inspire me and my smaller goddess to ever more intense motions in a virtuous cycle of sinful pleasure.

I could do this forever. Submission to a goddess for the pleasure of a yet more powerful goddess – Mistress Fiona – is one of the most sublime expressions of service I could ever dream of.

Thank you so much for this fantastic final installment concluding our Erotic Adventure Post Chris!