Erotic Adventure: Part 2


Voyeuristically this as a new angle. Since I now essentially had a stand in wherein I could watch a smaller doppelgänger do all the sexual things that as a giantess I cannot physically do to my little pet. What a perfect little golem. Not to say she didn’t have her own ideas, it’s just that I had a feeling they were naturally going to be on par with exactly what was racing on in my dirty mind. In fact, she may even come up with some salaciousness I hadn’t even thought of yet… Watching their bodies roll and undulate as they twined together made me grow wet with excitement. My little pet was such a sexy little specimen.  Watching them set my pulse speeding at a racing pace.

My thong was drenched as I watched her use her compact curves to her full advantage by languidly encircling him with her hips in deftly smooth swirling motions. His frame was larger than her more delicate body which was the first time I saw him as being what might be considered tall in comparison to another. Despite this, he allowed her the lead and she climbed atop and rode him as I knew he would. It almost seemed predestined, this dance of theirs, as it was so seamless and natural while it enfolded before me. When their eyes flickered to mine periodically, they filled with the thrill and heat of being so keenly observed my practically unblinking gaze. I felt bit like a queen watching a performance by her royal subjects.

I knew it was just a matter of time before I joined in the fun. I wondered what their bodies would feel like so slick with their combined moisture if I were to lightly stroke my tongue softy up and down their bodies while parting my lips in a crescent upward curl.  Would the profusion of papillae tickle them as I twirled it teasingly around their coupled form?

Is It Getting HOT in Here?