My Enchantrix Interview


DARK SIDE OF THE MOON INTERESTING SIDE NOTE: The dark side of the moon is the side that is always obscured from the view of the Earth and refers to the totally blankness/darkness of the unknown. Although I will always think of Pink Floyd and insanity first lol. The word “lunatic” is derivative from “lunar” (latin for “moon”) since it is believed that moon madness affects us in ways we cannot thoroughly comprehend. Makes sense when you think that the pull of the moon affects the tides of the vast ocean so it also stands to reason we being 90% water would be impacted by it’s dance as well.


Plus a list of questions from Mr. Q that didn’t get to me till later in my inbox:

What movie deserves a sequel?

So many great movies work well as a stand alone. But if it was a good sequel, let’s go with Harold and Maude. I would love to see Harold years later with his less fatalistic outlook but edgy sense of mischief still intact.

What is one thing a woman should never do?

Disregard genuine compliments by not letting themselves believe they are worth receiving them or settling for “less than” in any way, shape or form.

What is your favorite potato chip flavor? 


If you were home on a rainy Sunday afternoon, what movie would you want to see on television?

Singing in the Rain

 If you could be on the cover of any magazine, what would you choose?

The New Yorker in cartoon form.

What makes you really sleepy?

Long car rides especially late at night. The passing lights are very soothing and lull me into a desire to slumber.

What one thing annoys you most at a restaurant?

I LOVE eating out & not having to make the meal or even clean up after so typically  I am perfectly content. One thing I can think of though is  uncomfortable sitting. I only experienced this once but it was memorable since it was crowded and we were seated in the middle of all the bustle on very low to the floor stools without backs or cushions. I could have used one of my human chairs/thrones in that situation. 😉

In what part of the world would you hate to be by yourself?

The desert. The sweltering heat would leave me feeling parched and melted. I am very hot-blooded and would wilt. lol

What is your favorite site within the Enchantrix Empire? and

Do you have a place where you would like to go and think? If so, where?

Yes. Anywhere waterside or if not possible, a local cemetery. I know this  sounds odd but there is a particularly beautiful one nearby from the 1770s complete with castle-like ruins from an old monument. Ironically it is very peaceful, serene and teeming with trees and wildlife. It always puts things in perspective and the whole circle of life is evident there.

What is something you want to add to your mistress treasure trove?

I actually am doing a review on my new fave sexy toys I want to try  that’s coming out soon so stay tuned for that. Oh and also these:

Butt Plug and Cat of 9 tails Heels

I would love to do the little shoe dangle dance with these for my leg, heels and foot fetishist pets.