-Eames from "Inception"

-Eames from “Inception”

Chris, one of my very fave pets, recently let me interview him about his Giantess Fetish. I so enjoy his perceptive insight and ability to not just help me understand his fantasy but to convey it in such a way that is erotically intoxicating for myself as well.


What came first? Your interest in the idea of being beholden to a larger than life, force-of-nature personified as a woman or did finding out it was a fetish inspire you erotically?

My interest in giants (or being shrunk, for that matter) has been with me for almost as long as I can remember. I watched cartoons as a kid. Sooner or later, many of the shows I watched would have a shrinking episode and I would be just be mesmerized. I would try to imagine myself being so utterly at the mercy of another human, and it was almost impossible, but it was also completely fascinating. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized there could be a sexual component to it. It certainly put my earlier interest in a new light, but I think it was that realization that really drove the idea of giantesses from mere “fascination” to almost a fixation.

How has your giantess fantasy/fetish evolved over time?

The biggest change in my giantess fetish came at puberty. Before, the ideas of smallness, bigness, and the requisite power differential between them were personally compelling, but it was in a general sense. I was gripped by the concepts they posed, trying to understand how people might react to being shrunk. But with puberty, I began to want to be small myself. Perhaps more importantly, I was no longer simply interested in the general premise, but rather I wanted to experience it in a very particular, very personal way. Just thinking about the concepts wasn’t enough: I wanted to figuratively put myself in the shoes of a tiny man, especially if that meant literally putting myself in the shoes of a giantess.


Is a tempestuous giantess that’s malevolent work as a turn-on, or is a gentle more nurturing goddess a preference?

It depends. For me, the gentle, nurturing goddess would be more enjoyable, but only if I could nurture Her in return. That might mean serving Her as Her slave, Her pet, or Her toy depending on Her whim of the moment. I wouldn’t want to be treated better than I treat my goddess, after all.

Watching a cruel giantess express Her power over tinier men can be a turn-on, but I don’t think I’m enough of a masochist to enjoy Her cruelty happening to me. I would probably have to watch from a more third-person perspective. (Voyeurism isn’t necessarily one of my fetishes, but I’m more open to a lot of things when giantesses are involved. This fact of my giantess fantasy applies pretty broadly, though, so maybe I’m wrong and, if it came to it, maybe I’d love to be the plaything of a sadistic giantess. Who knows?)


Ideal size range? Does it matter if the woman is only large in scale in comparison to you or is there a preference for her to be large in relation to the world?

I’d want to be small enough that She could handle me like a pet, a toy, or even a fashion accessory. Not too big — why would I want to be any bigger than I have to be? Not too small — where would the fun be if we couldn’t interact on a personal level?

For a giantess, that would mean being somewhere between 100 and 300 feet tall. If I were shrunk, that would mean being somewhere between 1 and 4 inches tall. I don’t this preference is universal by any means, but I like the idea of being shrunk and the plaything of a woman more than I do the idea of being normally sized and the plaything of a giantess. It’s ridiculous to demand scientific accuracy in a fantasy like the giantess fetish, but the idea of shrinking someone — me, hopefully — just feels more plausible to me than the alternative. But more importantly (and less pedantically), I love the idea that an otherwise normal woman could go about her day, interacting with people as people do, while at the same time She’s secretly a goddess whose worshiper is hidden to everyone but Herself. I feel like the creativity that that situation might engender — perhaps one day She keeps me in her purse, and maybe the next day She has to bind me to the pendant She’s wearing — would be more rewarding for everyone.


–What do you think a Giantess would use you for in your ideal day as her little pet?

First, some context for my ideal day: I’d be somewhere between one and two inches tall, and the giantess keeping me as Her pet would be an otherwise (apparently) ordinary woman.

In the morning, my giantess might like me to help Her prepare for the day. I’d be too small to do anything She couldn’t do faster, but I could probably help with a couple of things. If she were bathing, I could help wash the awkward-to-reach parts of Her back, or maybe I could clean between her toes rather than make Her stretch and have to do it Herself. I could help with applying cosmetics; I’d have much finer control and could ensure its perfect placement on Her perfect face. It’s always been one fantasy of mine, even at my real-life size, to paint a woman’s toenails, but if I were to try that as a shrunken pet, I’m not sure if I could handle the polish’s fumes. I’d definitely want to try at least once, though

As She went about Her day, my giantess would keep me with Her — ideally, somewhere on Her person. She might keep me in Her purse, but I love the idea of being worn as jewelry: I could be worn as Her pendant, dangling below Her neckline and bouncing around within Her divine cleavage; I could hold on tightly to one of Her toes and become Her toe ring, made to experience every step reminding me of Her power; I could hang onto Her earring, where I could (even at my small size) make myself heard and keep my goddess company. There are so many different and wonderful ways in which She could keep me with Her even while nobody else was the wiser.

At the end of the day, my job would be to help Her relax. If She needed me to be a sympathetic listener for Her to vent to about her frustrations, then I would do that with zero hesitation. And if She needed me to help her physically de-stress — massaging her feet, for instance, or being used as an obedient sex toy — then I would do so with even less hesitation than that. And at the very end of the night, I would want to stay near Her, but She would put me away for safekeeping until tomorrow.


Thoughts on Vore lore? Love/hate it?

I don’t dislike vore, but it’s not one of my main interests. Like I said before, however, if there’s a giantess involved then I’m likely to be much more experimentally inclined. I know I like the idea of being played with inside a giantess’s mouth; the thought of Her tongue being able to dominate me like I’m nothing but a piece of candy is mouthwatering (pun absolutely intended). So maybe being swallowed by my giantess so that She completely surrounds me — and in any practical sense, becomes my whole world — might be something I’d consider.


Have you ever written any macrophilia erotica?

I have, mostly in roleplaying form with online partners, but I’ve also written some standalone prose. I like to think I’m an okay writer, but I still need a lot of practice before I’d be comfortable sharing what I’ve come up with.


Anything else you’d like to share with other giantess mistresses or their fanciers?

Well, I’d like to say that the first mistress to shrink me would find Herself with the most willing pet they could imagine, but I think it’s only fair that Mistress Fiona get the right of first refusal on that offer.

And to the other giantess lovers out there, I just want to say: keep on being you. The world needs more people who think women should run it, after all.


Sumptuously stated, and I wholeheartedly agree! Thanks so much, Chris!