The Write Stuff

So sissification is what you seek but don’t know where to start? First things first. Your mind is all akimbo bubbling over with visions of stilettoes, satin panties and silk hosiery dancing through your head.  Where to start? Well obviously we Mistresses at LDW are here to help you sort out all your fem fabulous ideas and questions.  To help the process along & document your journey the answer, my little lovelies, is simple: a Diary.



DIARY Stands For Darling  I’ll Always Remember You

The Power of the written word is amplified to the max when used to give voice to your innermost wishes, rhythm to your stream of consciousness,  and distinction to your deepest desires. You can create a record of dreams, goals, & mantras.  It’s an easy way to keep track of your progress and mistress-led sissy assignments as well as a way to organize advice, inspiring quotes and notes from friends and loved ones. There are many rites of passages, and journaling is a wonderful way to encapsulate your many “firsts”, from first tube of lipstick to first pair of panties.


Actual pen to the paper adds an element of tangibility that is rare and meaningful in our disposable instant messaging/texting world. With a simple notebook you can pontificate and expand upon all matter of feelings and evolving emotions. Think of it as a way to connect to your girly side and sacred femininity. Social media is a wonderful resource but don’t forget the importance of that inner connection, the one you have with yourself. You can even think of it as conversing with your future self as you look back and reflect on all your progress within the pages.

Decorate with Oddles of doddles, inspiration boards, glittery gel pens, movie reviews, websites,  fashion forecasts, clippings from magazines, photographs etc. The possibilities are positively endless.


For more inspiration on chronicles and treasuries: