Cum Quota

Have you had your daily dose of dick today?  Hot and creamy over easy or straight up shot from the rocks. Get the silky spooge smoothie any way you can -fresh from the phallus challice! I send out a little  interrogative email to some of my fave cocksucker callers and asked them the following:

“How do you get your cum kick? Any fave ways, recipes or special methods? Do you eat your own cum typically or mainly someone else’s?  Please share for my blog post darlings!”


“I like to whip mine up in an electric milk frother directly after obtaining a batch. Just like the cream top of frappes. I guess that makes me a bit of a foodie cum snob. Best way to start your day is coffee with an added jolt”   -Kayla Rose


“Double stuffed Oreo cum covered cookies! Mmmmm…..Now I’m craving some.” -Trevor


“Honestly I will take it any old way I can. I love feeling submissive under the strict direction and wishes of my Mistress. So however you say Miss. Fiona. I’m your submissive little cum slave.  I’ll eat up every last bite of cum like you instruct from myself or any one of your man hunks you can spare.”  -Kevin


“I like it in cuckie creampie form. A basic recipe that has always worked for me.” -Name Withheld


“Is this is invitation? May I please, please suck up some man milk Empress?? You are such a tease when you know I’m in chastity.” -Vanna K.

 The Sum  of Your Cum

FYI: Ejaculate contents vary depending on a man’s age, diet, and many other variables but there tends to be

semen (obviously 😉 ), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), water, fructose sugar, citric acid, phosphate & bicarbonate buffers, protein, enzymes.  Nutritional value is pretty trivial unless you are getting vast amounts -so here’s to trying to 😉

There is a fairly high amount of zinc typically which is ideal for protein synthesis, optimizing physical performance and energizing the body. The emollient texture is soothing to the skin & it’s also a gluten free treat from the gonads. 😉

**Bonus Boner Tip: Don’t forget & neglect the balls when you suck cock. Even the best cock sucking lips can use a boost by incorporating using your tongue to brush back and forth on that little hidden section on the underside of the shaft all the ball to the bass of the sack. It’s the whole packaged deal and this goes for cocky connoisseurs as much as for the newly cock curious. 😉

Thanks for taking the time to respond Cum Crumpets and Cum-sumers!

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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