Celtic On Cum Cam


Celtic” is one of my fave cum-eating pets and you may recall a blog I did about him a little while back. Well, I am thrilled to announce  I was included in his 2016 Resolution to honor 5 mistresses Monday through Friday with 5 cum loads on cam (one each day).  After intense edging in which he holds back for hours pre-session and during the duration we talk about anything and everything both cum-related and otherwise. Sometimes we even play a little naughty Q/A while he strokes for me and I spill some of my own naughty desires and secrets. Then when the moment of truth arrives he catches his creamy cock-milk in a glass with a nice shot of gin. Then elegantly savors the flavor of the fruit of his labor. It is positively mesmerizing to watch him playing and building up to unleashing over the cusp of that corona. Then the session is sealed with his delish cum-filled finale!


So, dear cum-sluts keep in mind when you engage in an edge-session that feels too hard to handle, you can do it! Just think of Celtic’s endless edging and know just how much it means to your mistress.


Thanks for the private viewing of The Dong Show Celtic! Here’s to Many more Cum-Yums in 2016 😉