The Cuckie Can-Do Guide


It’s common knowledge of what cuckies cannot do, which is sexually sate their hot wives or SOs. This doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of doing other things to please them as well as their alphas. So, here are 5 things every cuckie can-do to please and appease:

Cuckie Guide

  1. Pay for the dates of his SO and her lover. This way, they can have a few cocktails and not have to worry about getting an Uber after. Financially contributing to fun nights helps keep the cuckie’s ego in check so he remembers his place.
  2.  Help pick out what negligee or lingerie might look best. Many women appreciate teasing and torturing their cucks by trying on different options, especially since they know their hard-up and horny husbands/boyfriends are as they spend so much time fantasizing about what they know they can’t have. It’s quite a mindfuck knowing it’s all for another man. I bet many cucks probably even have a more detailed mental inventory of every pair of panties and bra sets they wish their partner would wear for them. Remember though, it’s ultimately the Lady’s choice though and she knows what her bull likes. In fact, some bulls and hot wives want their cucks to wear something cute as well. 😉
  3. Fluffing and cleaning up creampies. Some cuckies may have adorable little clits in place of cocks or are small cock humiliation sluts that love small penis humiliation but that doesn’t mean they are incapable of using their mouths and tongues! Making use of what one has with oral servitude is always appreciated.
  4.  Serving their SOs and bulls by preparing a fancy dinner at home or ordering takeout when they rather stay in. Take-out doesn’t mean just pizza or fast food but rather something upscale and elegant. If there is no app for takeout, just pick it up for them. Bonus points if it’s done in a sissy maid outfit! Cleaning up the house so it looks nice for company is always a good thing and something a sissy maid cuck would excel at.
  5. Engage in aftercare. After a hot and passionate night, one normally feels amazing but it can feel exhausting. Drawing a bath, giving a gentle massage and or preparing a nice post-coital snack for his SO and her bull is a nice way to keep their energy up.
  6. Considering chastity. Since chastity can make cuck subbie hubbies in a FLR are extra subservient, being in lock-down helps reinforce one’s dedication to the pleasure of the bull and SO. In doing so as well as being a good little voyeur when allowed, a cuckie can grow to understand just how satisfying sex can be for their dommes.
  7. A journal might help cucks get in touch with their emotions and excitement. Sharing with a Femdom can be a great outlet for processing even the most complicated and conflicting feelings.

Questions for Cuckies to think about:

-Have you done any or all of the above?

-What else or in substitution of these ideas have you done or want to do?

-How did you get into cucking and what kind of cuck do you feel you are? Remember, there are many different kinds of cucks and not all are into the same fetishes and that’s OK! Some pets prefer just to fantasize about cucking. If your fave fetish with cucking is different, what is it or how would you describe it? It’s also OK not to know as that’s what experimentation is for.

-Is cucking something you want to explore? If the answer is yes, but you haven’t yet tried it, what’s holding you back? Perhaps talking about it may help.

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
Twitter: EnchantrixFiona