Hello my little cum dumplings! Today’s post is just a fun little quiz for the cucksters. While there are endless variations of cuck classifications this is just a small sampling of combos that you may find yourself falling into. 😉

1.) My fave part about being a cuck-slut is:

  • A. Everything! Give me panties, chastity, make me fluff ‘n stuff my mouth with cock & cream pie. I love it all!
  • B. Getting to think about, see, feel and maybe even touch or suck that thick dick
  • C. The prospect of panties or having my dinky dick laughed at and not knowing if and when I can stroke let alone cum -it’s all up to my Mistress/gf/wife!
  • D. Just want to watch the lady of my life take a nice huge dong and hear her moan in pleasure
  • E. All of the cum! Watching the cum shots and thinking about being a good clean-up suck-slave


2.) My first thought when I hear the word “Cuckold” makes my mind immediately visualize:

  • A. Virtually anything my mistress desires courses through my brain and making her fantasy come true I’m along for the ride no matter what it entails wilder the better.
  • B. The big fuck-stick dick!
  • C. The shame and arousal of seeing how puny my pecker is in comparison to that bull’s cock
  • D. Watching my little private porno with front row seats as the action unfolds
  • E. The Cum coating and covering those glistening naked bodies


3.) Being Cucked is a turn on for me mainly because:

  • A. It’s yet another form of exploring my many fetishes and seeing how far I can go
  • B. I always wondered what a close encounter cock experience would be like.
  • C. Being completely embarrassed and humbled by watching a guy with a bigger manhood give my leading lady the pleasure I feel I can’t
  • D. It’s hot to think of my sexy wife/gf as another man’s fuck doll
  • E. All that yum- cum that courses in and out and wanting to taste it or clean it from the folds of a tight, freshly-fucked pussy

4.) My only hesitation with cucking is:

  • A. None are you kidding?
  • B. Getting obsessed with that guest star cock
  • C. Fearing I will be seen as even more of a joke to my better half
  • D. That I’ll love it but my gal won’t be as into trying it again
  • E. Becoming a cum-addict!


5.) Porno title that sounds most erection-inducing would be something like:

  • A. Cuck Suck and Fuck Fests!
  • B. Cock-tastic Cucking
  • C. Cuck-a-doodle-do, Alpha Cock’s Up! What about Li’l Old’ You?
  • D. Cucking on Cam Live Filmed in 3-D Like You’re There
  • E. Cum Guzzler Cucks


6.) Fave LDW Site?

  • A. All of em/can’t choose
  • B. SuckPatrol.com
  • C. PhoneHumiliation.com
  • D. CuckoldFantasies.com
  • E. CoachedCumEating.com


7.) How often do you fantasize about cuckolding?

  • A. Many times just like all of my other fetishes!
  • B. About as much as I think about sucking cock
  • C. I have been humiliated in many ways and cucking often entices me
  • D. It’s my all-time fave fantasy and the others I can take or leave in comparison
  • E. As often as I think about cum eating


Mostly A’s Kinky Cuck– Kinky sex is your bag baby and being cucked is one of of many pleasures for you

Mostly B’s Cock Curious Cuck– Cock-centric inquisitiveness? It’s very common for cucks like you!

Mostly C’s Humiliation Cuck -You first and foremost like the shame game and cucking is a means of humiliation for you more than anything else.

Mostly D’s Voyeur Cuck -You just love cucking pure and simple! Watching and thinking about it are enough to get you off.

Mostly E’s Cum Lovin’ Cuck -A cum-container cuckie! You are all about the CUM

Goodnight and Good Cuck Kinksters!