Hello Fiona’s pets! I am very happy to be here at one of my very favorite Mistresses place! I always enjoy how creative the sexy Ms. Fiona is with her blogs, tumblr and the Enchantrix Empire. Since she is so talented with all her posts, I can only imagine how imaginative she is with her pets! She is such a creative Mistress!

Femme Fatale Mistress

Ms. Fiona is the epitome of the femme Fatale. It’s a French term and refers to a woman who’s charm, intelligence and beauty ensnares her lovers, leading them into compromising situations. Sound familiar?

I bet!

Has your Mistress led you down the path? Of course she has and you go easily and willingly! Like a good pet. She is a strong, sexy Mistress and no doubt you have experienced some domination phone sex with her.

Creative Mistress

Creative Mistress

For me, with my submissive pets, after some intense sessions I like to change it up a bit and enjoy some Mistress pampering. After all, intense sessions are what you need. In return you need to do what I need and properly worship your Mistress.

you may apply that towards your Mistress Fiona, too, and be totally devoted to Mistress. She is your world and rocks it hard. I know she rocks mine and I am always happy to return the favor. I do have a huge girl crush on her. She is such a hottie! So of course I am going to say it’s only right that you adore her, pamper her and spoil her!

Check out my blog for details at www.thesexytruth.com! Thank-you for having me,

Ms. Fiona! xxoo