Cream of the Crops


Which crop takes the top spot and makes the subbies need to cream the quickest?

Hello fellow Mistresses, our little cuck crumpets and cumdrop pets, today’s post is a bumper crop of spanking play impact implements!

I personally tend to veer toward the bare basics: H2A (Hand to Ass) however I think some of these riding crops might be an even more enticing option for when heavy duty disciplinary action is needed:

Proper Toppers

Interchangeable Crop Top System by Sportsheets. This adorable trio includes these toppers:

  •  Classic Black for standard & stern impact play
  • Tough Love Heart
  • High-five Helper Hand

 Seeing Stars

For the bratty princess mistress this sparkle star-studded magic wand crop puts a little whimsy into your whams. Don’t let its cuteness mislead you, it packs quite a punch and is sure to leave star imprints in its wake. Comes in black, purple and pink. By Tough 1 

Get a Handle on the Situation

Roma makes a great gel cushioned crop in mint green, hot pink. lilac and blue. It’s perfect to combat hand and finger fatigue in long sessions.

Double Duty

Scarlet Couture Duo Crop & Flogger -Double up with this flogger cat of nine-tails whip-crop. The small surface area delivers targeted stings and the flexible body makes it snappy with a delightful crackle sound. This has the added bonus of being vegan for those that want to be leather-free.

Crop Queen Scenes & BDSM Themes

Do you/does your Mistress have a fave crop of choice to brandish? Different strokes for different folks and some just for certain pets perhaps? With so many options and types to try it can be hard to choose and of course every tush is different too. Please feel free to share by leaving a comment below on your corporeal punishment experiences. 😉