…Continuing from Part 1 of my previous post ūüėČ

(Mistress Kristina‘s message is in red and Dave the Dick Diddler‘s is¬†in blue):

Miss Fiona,

I am truly sorry that my worthless little sub bitch is bothering you with his “humble request”. I guess I should have him better trained by now, and don’t worry you can be sure David will be getting a severe punishment for wasting your time.

And yes, David does have permission to call you for a phone sex session. What a miserable little sub, he has a girlfriend, who also has a bi-sexual lover and he still has to call for phone sex because he can’t get laid.

If he cums is left up to you, in fact do whatever you want with him. I only ask that if you let him cum, he must cum on his face. In fact, as part of his punishment, from now until his birthday, in September, when I do let David cum, which isn’t very often, he will be required to eat his cum.¬† Again please be sure he can take a picture of his dirty little cum face, if you le him cum.

Again, I apologize that David is disturbing you,


Miss Fiona,

I apologize for not calling you in the past couple of weeks.  I have been very busy and, unfortunately the last few times I was available you were not online.  I saw that you were online now and I sent a text to my owner, Miss Kristina, to ask if I may call and speak with you today.  A short time later she emailed me her response:


I will have you know when you sent your little text I was in a very important meeting here at work. I am not sure what is most bothersome, you disturbing me while I am at work, your need to call and bother Miss Fiona or your need to touch your pathetic little dick on a regular basis. So no, you may not call Miss Fiona today. In fact, you will be ‘doing time’ for the rest of my workday. I expect you to explain that to Miss Fiona. Also, incase Miss Fiona wishes to take the time to read your pathetic drivel, I want you to explain to her why you are once again on my bad side after this weekend. I will be opening your email later and reading your response, and if it is unacceptable, expect to be punished most harshly when I see you this weekend.


“Doing time” means I will stand silently in the corner for as long as Miss Kristina requires, she¬†will contact me via Skype from her office computer and I will be on webcams o that she can verify that I did as told.¬† This past weekend I got in very big trouble with Kristina.¬† I was required to¬† have sex with her submissive girlfriend Samantha.¬† You would think that since I rarely have sex with Miss Kristina, I would be happy but I was not.¬† I am reasonably sure Samantha does not enjoy sex with men very much, and I know for a fact she does not like me at all.¬† She does everything she can to make it as unpleasant an experience as possible.¬† For almost two days prior she sent me nasty text messages telling me how much she hated it.¬† she told me¬†my dick wasn’t big enough to satisfy her, just big enough to annoy her among other insults.¬† Saturday, ¬†we had sex while Miss Kristina watched and as much as I tried not to, I came during sex.¬† I was told I was not allowed¬†but¬†I could not help it.¬† Samantha flipped out, screaming at me while Kristina laughed.¬† Later, Samantha was allowed to spank me, with my leather belt, and as she usually does when she is allowed to discipline me, she went overboard to say the least.

I hope to be able/allowed to call you again soon as I have enjoyed every call with you so far…

submissive dick diddler dave



And Mistress Kristina, I do so appreciate¬†your gracious¬†consideration and have so enjoyed working with you in tending to our little¬†pet’s training.