My Click-Clack Cuckie

Li’l Click Clack Cuckie

My sexy “come fuck me” stilettoes clap against the pavement echoing the sound of flesh slapping against flesh in an instant memory flash. You are immediately transported back to last night with the image of my silky transparent nightie revealing my two bubblegum pink nipples all slick and swollen with being sucked on by another man as you helplessly watched on. My li’l cuckie can’t you admit it? *Click Clack*

Dark Desire Throbs Through You

Each click of those heels summons more recollections in your mind as I stride ahead of you just out of reach. You are entranced by the sound and my perky ass wiggling as I walk. Wasn’t it nice of him to let you watch? Very generous considering you were kind of dampening the mood with your whimpers of protest. I know you acted like you didn’t want to witness him taking me to climax deeper than you’ve even been inside me. This is in direct violation of cuckold etiquette and you know that! Too bad your premature ejaculation from hearing my cries of ecstasy gave away the truth. Betrayed by your own body. *Click Clack*

Weren’t you grateful I had you buy extra pineapple for dessert for our special guest? Made my cream pie taste all the sweeter when you got the leftover sexual souvenir of my hot rendezvous with that huge cocked man. I bet you still taste that cum dripping from my nipples and making your tongue sizzle and water at the thought as well. Don’t worry there will be more in store for you. *Click Clack*

Cuckold & Now Also A Panty-Boy in Training?

It’s time to buy me something special to wear for our next encounter. Now that you are starting to come to your senses maybe we should set the stage to the next level.  Maybe we should get matching panties this time pet. That tiny cock would love absolutely adorable in a pair! ???? *Click Clack* Can you keep up with the pace pet?

XOXO, Fiona

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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