Captivating Collections Claiming and Taming My Menfolk

Claiming and Taming My Menfolk

I collect many things. Shoes, lingerie, perfume bottles, jewelry, first editions of my favorite novels, candles, art. My fave ever-growing collection though is MEN. Admirers, pet man-pups, wannabe subbies, servants, and the like.  I also collect alphas but I doubt any are here so 😉 primarily I am looking for subbie toys.


I think that I crave so many menfolk is because I can’t seem to find what I want or need in any one man therefore I need a superfluity of submissives to help. Maybe one day I will be able to Frankenstein-together a cobbled man of my own personalized customizations but until then adding to my menagerie of men is the best option.


I rather have you mentally caged but I am not opposed to physically caged as well. How else to train and tame a feral man into the proper submissive? The key is to not break the spirit of the man-beast. Just to make it malleable to my purring persuasion.


From chastity cock cages to chains and full body kennels –I can entrap you in such a way you will not want to be free. The only liberation you know is the sound of my soothing voice.


As far as sexual release? That’s all up to me pet. If you prove you can be of at least some nominal value to me I’ll think about letting up out to play. I make no promises however.


It all depends on your behavior. If you can find ways to make it worth my while maybe I’ll even take you for a walk….on a man-leash of course with an unbreakable collar that you can’t gnaw off with your sissy name and pertinent info if you try to wander off. The only reason you’d want to do that though is because you have grown to like spankings so  very much that you are addicted and crave the crack of my whip.


Are you into capture fantasies and have a proclivity for erotic captivity ? Let this mistress know and she’ll come and catch ya 😉

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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