Cum Eating Cuckie Quandary

Fiona’s Pet Cuckie is in a Cum Eating Quandary

Chastity Pet Ponders Cum Eating Cream Pies

My chastity pet *Stanley claims to want to express his submission of sheer sacrifice and devotion to fem-domination. His has already eaten his own jizz for me prior to being put into a three-month (and counting) lockdown in his cock cage. Now he realizes if he ever gets the privilege of orgasming again, he will have to lap up his cum. Cum eating came naturally to him much to his surprise and despite his lack of experience.


Sometimes cum-eating is a lot to swallow in more ways than one though. You see, he is also actively being cucked by his wife *Debbie.  She and I have been corresponding over the possibility of Stanley becoming a fluffer and cream pie clean-up cuck as his next step in his service to us.


Making It Easier

Here’s the rub though, he is afraid to make that jump from trying his own cum batch to imbibing that of another man’s although he does admit the idea arouses him. So, Debbie, Stanley and I are brainstorming ways to make this task a little less daunting for him. Including compiling these compelling main points:

  • A happy Wife & Femdom = a happy cuck pet. By doing what Debbie and I desire him to do will bring him joy that will ultimately exceed any temporary apprehension. Cum eating is a major turn-on and we’ve made no secret of that.
  • The longer he postpones, the harder it will be to follow through.
  • The man who is cucking him with his wife has offered to obtain the pertinent paperwork showing a clean bill of health rendering safety insurance and peace of mind.


The Bittersweet Battle Inside a New Cuck

Now the very last point that I did not include in this list is that he may in fact finds he enjoys the act of fluffing and cleaning duties on its own merit as well as the obvious enjoyment it bestows on Debbie and her lover. The reason I didn’t include this is because it is not necessarily a point that makes this task less daunting. It’s somewhat neutral in theory. While there is the promise of that pleasure, it’s also a very scary notion to consider. Especially  for a pet who never thought cum-eating was something he’d ever do let alone enjoy or maybe even… GASP! become addicted to. It does however add a little extra tang and flavor to the mix. Isn’t that what makes it so dangerous irresistible to explore?

Don’t over think, cum-eating is just a fun kink!


*names changed to protect the kinky