cfnm caught on cam

CFNM Caught on CAM


As many of you know, I will do humiliation sessions with pets once I get to know them. They first must make their wishes expressly known. I would never just go hardcore into that sort of domming without being sure the sub-pup was turned on.That’s how I get my mistress high. I love controlling your eroticism by pushing all those yummy buttons at just the right moment. Because this triggers that twitchy jiggle-wiggle that propels you right to the edge and desperate for orgasmic relief. Does it make me a sadist to give false hope? To delight in watching you try just about anything I say to gain my permission? Maybe. But all’s fair in kinky cam sessions wherein the subbie in question says they want to be made to do whatever it takes. All this is all for the amusement of their Mistress.

I was in hysterics over a new caller that did nude jumping-jacks, cock cartwheels (the pinwheel spin),  bounced about and was commanded to make a sign professing his ownership. He quite willingly complied as you can see below.

Prancing Penis Caught Frolicking On Cam

CAM CFNM has always been a fave of mine. There seems to be quite a broad range of men that willing agree since the psychology of CFNM is widely known. Nude caming is practiced by guys all over the net. It’s important to note that not all CFNM fans are exhibitionistic in nature, This is because many are doing it purely for the approval of a mistress more than getting off on just showing off in general. Or, in some cases the humiliation of complete nudity  is a primary factor integral for arousal.  Of course, from my point of viewing pleasure, it’s not so much a matter of what motivates you. It’s what makes me avidly attentive that matters most to me since I love being amused by my pets again and again.

Record Worthy Session

This session was truly one for the records. It rare to see that level of exuberance in a new pet. Normally shyness rules and understandably so. To the contrary though, this was not the case here i think it is because this pet gets felt he got to know and trust me as their Femdom right away. He loved hearing me giggle while he wiggled.

Therefore, my peals of laughter clearly egged on his antics. He relished the attention.  Embarrassment can be an aphrodisiac to many subbies. His ever-present erection was proof. I even made him undergo a bit of a kinky confessional in which he informed me of some of his most cringe worthy moments of humiliation. Suffice it to say, a good time was had by all. Even though, I never let him cum on cam. 😉


Session Souvenir my subbie wished to share:

I have been so pleased with my pets lately that I decided to share an audio. In it, I answer questions and answers. This is the first in a series of Q/A I plan to do once every two weeks or so. They will also be posted under the “Ear Candy” page. Email me your question and yours may be selected to be answered via audio blog post. (The question and pet in question granted permission to be named with his nom de plume and answered by audio.):


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