Celtic’s Cum Eating on Cam Caper

Today’s post features a dear caller of mine that swallowed his load for me like a good cum-slinging pet. He mentioned to me that he felt it was a rather odd but no less enticing fetish that he enjoyed despite the sense  it wasn’t very prevalent.

It may indeed feel like that since puritanical leanings of our society tend to keep mum about such matters. However there is a little know history of cum-eating performed for various reasons all over the world. So fret not dear cum-lickers for you all are in good company!

As a result of this conversation this pet was dubbed “Celtic” in reference to a book I was reading that highlighted one such example of the  mystical  utilization of sacred sperm consumption for ritualized  sex magic involving an arcane faction of the Celtics.  Granted this isn’t to say all Celtics did so nor where these the first accounts recording such  ceremonial seed swigging. There  are many cultures and belief systems that have practiced similar shamanic rites but I felt “Celtic” was the perfect choice for his name on account of the ancient Celtics heavily laced pagan legacy and legend which  has always been an intriguing area of interest. consumption has been utilized  in both spiritual and symbolic sacrifice and even believed by some to have curative powers. “Releasing the fire” as they say. Course most CEI-ers are not doing so for that purpose,  but doesn’t it make you feel vindicated since  it’s not as odd as you think? So many kinks are  just not widely discussed openly.

Getting back to my pet:

Not only did Celtic follow my advice about having a drink at hand to help wash his load down & help ease his initial misgivings about the follow-through, he also informed me that I was the first Mistress to see him eat cum on cam. I popped his cum-eating-cam-cherry! What a surprise as it was just idly an option suggested since not only do I love watch, I thought it would be encouraging for him to know someone was right there with him enjoying the view. Surprisingly he was completely game for it and gave in to this spontaneous whim. Hot damn I got lucky! He had the cum as a chaser after the Martini he made. Hmmmm does that make his drink of choice with the addition of cum a dirty Martini? At least  in the kinkiest and steamiest way possible of course.  😉 It made my clit skip a beat for sure.

Thank you my Celtic Cum Warrior for your bravery and committed cum- sumption gumption. I am so proud. 😀