CEI & The Snowball Effect

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CEI & The Snowball Effect

Yes pets, it’s that time of year again! The forecast is calling for lots of white wintry precipitation here in the Nation’s Capitol this upcoming season. The yuletide always puts me in a kinky mode of mind -Must be all the extra-long nights curled up inside with hot cocoa while the blustery breath of old man winter whistles and howls outside that makes more than just visions of sugar plums dance through my head.Of course, seasonal affect disorder (SAD) is also a very real and unfortunate aspect here in the North East. When the sunny days have faded our lack of vitamin D can be a real downer and leave one feeling listless, restless and downright depressed.

So how might a pet such as yourself fight the blasé days full of boredom and the blues, the notorious chilly-willy winter weenie ennui?

That’s what I’m here for! The sexy ladies of LDW and I are always ready to tag-team to keep that cock of yours hard and attentive and we are open to help you play and discover all sorts of sordid fantasies and sexual sagas.

One of my very favorite erotic odysseys to treat myself with, is watching my cum-lovin’ pets engage in the kinky kitsch fun of snowballing!

Now what is snowballing exactly? It’s the act of accumulating jizz through fellatio (or in some cases masturbation milking) for cum consumption. Typically, it refers to one or more partners orally pleasuring a or several cock(s), catching the juice in the mouth and then “regifting” the cum load full circle to the original cock suckee- mouth to mouth but there are many creative variations.

The cum builds up in a way reminiscent to a snowball’s spiraling trajectory downward from a hill getting bigger and bigger as it goes hence the slang term. I don’t know the erotic etymology other than to say I first heard the term in the cult classic (and a personal cinematic fave) Clerks by Kevin Smith.

So as a call to action, I ask all the mistletoe masturbators and candy cane kinksters: Are you ready to star in some cum Chugging for my viewing amusement with your own stored stashed saved for winter? Get ready for your close-up and show me!

Next Up the Lovely Dynamo Daphne will take you to your next stop down the path of our Kinky Wonderland

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