CEI: My Cum-quistador

Cum-quistador (noun)  1. also known as conquistador -Spanish/Portuguese term that translates to  “conqueror.” 

2. During his Age of Self-Discovery and exploration, my newest Cum eating instructed pet overcame his cum-shy tendencies hence the newly dubbed alias.

He Had Reservations

No, not the kind you make to ensure a table at your fave restaurant but rather of the squeamish squick from the thought of being made to clean his own cum mess up.  After a little cajoling, coaching, cheerleading and a marathon session of convincing, he took the swig of his jizz like a champ. This is why I love CEI! It’s a gratifying challenge.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

For a mistress there are certain conquests that make us feel we have conquered and claimed you. First time cum eating performed by a complete novice definitely falls under this category. It gives us a sense of closure, power and delight.

Creating A Kink-ified New Fetish

Letting you sample your own brew can very well cause a new level of arousal for you. So you experience a conditioned response (or Pavlov’s penis if you will 😉 ) from associating eating your cum with the glorious afterglow of mistress led orgasmic excitement.

Giving It Your Best Shot

The very effort infused with this endeavor is in itself incredibly satisfying. The attempt to cum out of your comfort zone and testing the limits of your erotic adventures is what keeps it fresh for us. Our role is never dull to begin with but helping our pets learn new tricks is by far one of the perks that keeps our task mastery engaging and fun. You all know how important it is to keep us entertained and pleased right?

Boredom Is The She-Devil’s Playground

Otherwise there is no telling where our dirty inclinations may lead you…  

So next time you want to test your soft limits & boundaries with a Mistress you can trust, call an LDW cum coach  and before you know it, you’ll be a cum connoisseur.