What Are Slave Positions?

Positions that a submissive or slave is trained to learn as a means to adding a ritualized physical reminder of complete supplication. The positions vary greatly but all are in contrast to one’s natural resting position and emphasis the sub’s vulnerability and role.

Some dom-divas enjoy these stances as a means to keep their pets in line and obedient  by having them always at the ready to please. A sub-pup that’s splayed open and exposed has invested interest to pay heed to the whim and will of their mistress.

Depending on your Mistress and her wishes you may have an organized protocol or set of ordered rules to follow in a militant and systematic approach to being dominated. Again this is dependent on your domme and there is no right or wrong way except for the way your mistress sees fit to train you to do. It does seem that overall there is a  preference for the use of positions for those seeking stricter more hardcore domination 

In some cases this sort of formality is only used during rites of passages, initiation and training ceremonies or special events within the BDSM world  and/or when you are being shown off to other dommes and subs.

When your mind and body are both aligned to Her agenda you will feel more bonded to what She wishes of you.

In my next post I will go over some basic samples of what I have seen and at times have used in sessions. It’s not something I often have my minions do but it can be beneficial especially when breaking in a new pet  or a particularly stubborn sub.