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Guest Author

Punished by Sierra and Fiona By Alice Wonder -=-

I was Goddess Sierra’s pet, and proud to be her pet. Let me be clear, I was not her lover. I liked to dream that maybe someday I would be, and we did have a lot of fun together, but . . . → Read More: Guest Author

Cream of the Crops

Cream of the Crops


Which crop takes the top spot and makes the subbies need to cream the quickest?

Hello fellow Mistresses, our little cuck crumpets and cumdrop pets, today’s post is a bumper crop of spanking play impact implements!

I personally tend to veer toward the bare basics: H2A (Hand to . . . → Read More: Cream of the Crops

Brand Spankin’ New Fave Fetish of Mine

Spanking Factoids And Whipping You Into a Frenzy

Being Bad Never Felt So Good -Come on Corporal Play is a turn-on and you know it but…Did you know?

* Paddles that have holes through the board pack a more painful punch than ones that don’t.  This is because the holes help prevent a cushion of air resistance from . . . → Read More: Brand Spankin’ New Fave Fetish of Mine