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Mistress Method Part 2

 Continuing from Part 1 Mistress Method (the previous post) For Part 1 of Mistress Method Click HERE (Continued questions from the  Part 1 Exercise):

Can you hear her laughter and uncontained amusement and from there think about how that would make you feel if it were to occur? Would you do anything . . . → Read More: Mistress Method Part 2

Mistress Method Part 1

The Method Techniques Of Fantasy Roleplay


Click here to hear me read the intro passage (Coming soon)

What is Method Acting?

It’s an acting technique that uses the sense memories of past experiences & emotions and the mental visualization to recreate them in order to bring depth . . . → Read More: Mistress Method Part 1

Sexy Mad Libs

Sexy Mad Libs

It’s All Fun and Games…

So one of my friends was talking about those books wherein multiple choices lead to a variety of outcomes & scenarios dependent on the choices you make.  Did you grow up with those fun make-your-own-destiny stories and/or video games?   Well . . . → Read More: Sexy Mad Libs

Mistress Misbehavin’ Magic



When multi-mistresses come out to play some subbies are gonna have to pay….


I have had quite the busy time as of late dominating with my fellow Mistress sistahs:

*The lovely Mistress Violet and I taught a little foot slut a lesson. We started by . . . → Read More: Mistress Misbehavin’ Magic