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Mistress Memories


Mistress Memories


Time flies when you are having fabul-fuck- tasic fun!

Wow, I have been here a whole year subbies! It’s hard to believe on one hand but on the other it also feels like LDW has always been my cyber home. Thank each and . . . → Read More: Mistress Memories

Dammit Janet Erotic Audio


Some pets make great sexy entertainment, some are amusing and funny, while others have a talent for innovative kink and a flair for conversation. Then, there are a whole other rare breed of subpups. This group is comprised of the very special few that are a spectacular hodgepodge of . . . → Read More: Dammit Janet Erotic Audio

Mistress Myths

Beyond All the BDSM Whips & Chains How Does A Domme Hold Tight the Reins?

Myth #1 Mistresses are rude, crude and generally bully their subbies.

One comment I often get right off the bat with new subbies is “you’re so nice” with a sigh of relief. As if they . . . → Read More: Mistress Myths

Revenge Part 4

Revenge of the Cuckquean Part 4

From Cuckquean to Cuck Queen

Adapted from a YIM Session with Dizzy’s Permission

 Question from Part 3:

Dizzy4259: So was he one of those small cock cucks that likes the idea of fluffing you both and cock sucking? Did any of . . . → Read More: Revenge Part 4

Revenge Part 3

Revenge of the Cuckquean Part 3

From Cuckquean to Cuck Queen

Adapted from a YIM Session with Dizzy’s Permission


Dizzy4259: The guy you cuckolded with was a friend to you both?!

enchantrixfiona: Yes, he was a hottie that I always thought was cute but wouldn’t have thought to . . . → Read More: Revenge Part 3

Compromising Position Part 2

For Femme Dommes: Training Your Pet With the Chorography of  Domination

Some of these positions are variations of those used for the kajira (or kajirus in gorean philosophy  which of course adds a dimension of satirical subversion  😉

Concise Commands

Inspect: Basic slave position leaving the sub-pup open for full inspection in which the male . . . → Read More: Compromising Position Part 2

Pampering Permission

Giving Yourself Permission


Often it is way too easy to get bogged down with responsibilities and the everyday duties of life. It seems that after getting done all the things we have to do, and the majority of what we feel we should do, there is little time left to experience the things we . . . → Read More: Pampering Permission

Casual Capture Rapture

I am a fan of Erica Jong so I mean no disrespect in this post to her tome of sexual adventures. However the whole “zipless fuck” –a term she used to describe what can essentially be thought of as an inconsequential fly by fuck essentially in her famous Fear of Flying . . . → Read More: Casual Capture Rapture

Sensual Surrender

Sweet Seduction with a Li’l Bit of a Bite

I am a femme dom of many colors but primarily I’m a sensual seductress. I find you catch more subbies with honey than vinegar and it makes me more at ease to not have to micromanage constantly. Now this isn’t to say I . . . → Read More: Sensual Surrender

Claiming and Taming My Menfolk

Captivating Collections

I collect many things. Shoes, lingerie, perfume bottles, jewelry, first editions of my favorite novels, candles, art. My fave ever-growing collection though is MEN. Admirers, pet man-pups, wannabe subbies, servants, and the like.  I also collect alphas but I doubt any are here so 😉 primarily I am looking for . . . → Read More: Claiming and Taming My Menfolk