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Chastity Pet Ponders Cum Eating Cream Pies

Cum Eating Cuckie Quandary

Fiona’s Pet Cuckie is in a Cum Eating Quandary

Chastity Pet Ponders Cum Eating Cream Pies

My chastity pet *Stanley claims to want to express his submission of sheer sacrifice and devotion to fem-domination. His has already eaten his own jizz for me prior to being put into a three-month (and counting) . . . → Read More: Chastity Pet Ponders Cum Eating Cream Pies

Be-Cumming a Cock Control Mistress

My Very First Cum-Eating Experience


I hate to be reduced to a cliché as much as the next person, but in one way I am very much the typical ex-catholic-honor-student-gone-bad. I was always a pristine example of the good, little overachiever, and in many ways still am. Except, of course, for the . . . → Read More: Be-Cumming a Cock Control Mistress

The Snowball Effect

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Yes pets, it’s that time of year again! The forecast is calling for lots of white wintry precipitation here in the Nation’s Capitol this upcoming season.

The yuletide always puts me in a kinky mode of mind -Must be all the extra-long nights curled . . . → Read More: The Snowball Effect

Good Cock-Keeping’s Cum Cookbook


Ah the joys of cum guzzling. While I doubt you will ever find a Good Housekeeping cookbook for ideas and recipes, I know it is a dick-a-cious indulgence for many of my subpups and pets.

Here are a few ways to enjoy:

Take your peenie potion & make a invigorating summertime treat . . . → Read More: Good Cock-Keeping’s Cum Cookbook

Jumping the Gun


The only thing worse than a man that can’t hold his own liquor? A cum-slinger with a trigger happy finger!

I suppose I should be use to it by now. Guys that can’t keep from shooting their load are nothing new. It’s ironic in fact, that many people assume that being a sexy . . . → Read More: Jumping the Gun

The Cumquistador

My Cumquistador

Cumquistador (noun)  1. also known as conquistador -Spanish/Portuguese term that translates to  “conqueror.” 

2. During his Age of Self-Discovery and exploration, my newest Cum eating instructed pet overcame his cum-shy tendencies hence the newly dubbed alias.

He Had Reservations

No, not the kind you make to ensure a table at your fave restaurant but rather of the squimish . . . → Read More: The Cumquistador

A Princess Cock Tease Doesn’t Always Aim To Please

Let my clarify right off the bat so there is no misconception. I am an Enchantrix and as such I love to tease that dick of yours. It’s amazing what that dangling appendage will do for  some much needed attention. That does not mean you can expect to actually get to . . . → Read More: A Princess Cock Tease Doesn’t Always Aim To Please

The Lingerie Five Commandments

The Lingerie Five Commandments to Cleaning & Care


I. Thou shall wash thy panties/bra after every use. This is in order to remove the body’s natural oils (and *AHEM* other bodily fluid’s residual cum spots.) You should always consider licking those panties clean  first -must not be . . . → Read More: The Lingerie Five Commandments

Princess of Pegging

Princess of Pegging Will Leave You Begging


I know you want it. You have always fantasized about being taken by me haven’t you?  Well there is no reason to pretend otherwise. I can sense it. Almost like a scent, I can smell it emanating from  you. Your need to bend to my . . . → Read More: Princess of Pegging