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Mistress Method Part 2

 Continuing from Part 1 Mistress Method (the previous post) For Part 1 of Mistress Method Click HERE (Continued questions from the  Part 1 Exercise):

Can you hear her laughter and uncontained amusement and from there think about how that would make you feel if it were to occur? Would you do anything . . . → Read More: Mistress Method Part 2

Cum Quota

Have you had your daily dose of dick today?  Hot and creamy over easy or straight up shot from the rocks. Get the silky spooge smoothie any way you can -fresh from the phallus challice! I send out a little  interrogative email to some of my fave cocksucker callers and asked them the . . . → Read More: Cum Quota

Hear No Evil, See No Evil 2


A Few Tools of the Trade:


Blindfolds & Gags

Headphones (w/ or without music to shroud the other sounds) Check out great fuck music <–here

Essential Oils -Peppermint, Mandarin Orange, Egyptian Musk, French Vanilla are a few faves

Warm Compresses/Warm Wax -For . . . → Read More: Hear No Evil, See No Evil 2

Hear No Evil See No Evil Part 1

 Sense and Sensibility: Sensory Play, Deprivation and Accentuation  

Think about the Hitchcockian style of cinema. He lets the audience’s imagination fill in the blanks with what is merely eluded to and suggested. By taking the reins and using the power of the viewers’ own mind and deepest consciousness, he conducts an inner landscape . . . → Read More: Hear No Evil See No Evil Part 1