My guest post writer JJ and I want to know:

I am working on the writing for part 3 of the first installment of the ‘Mistress Olympics’ blog/story.
Mistresses / callers / readers, I hope you have enjoyed the ‘Mistress Olympcs’ storyline up to this point.  Here is your chance to participate in the story development.  Below are four choices for the competition theme for the next segment of the story.  Please cast your vote for the idea that you would most like to see developed as the next part of the ‘Mistress Olympics.’
1) Human Furniture (multiple subbies would interlock arms and legs to create a chair for their Mistress, and the winning subbie team would their chair together for the longest time, with the Mistress seated on Her chair.)
2) Cum Shooting (the Mistress’ bull lovers would compete in this event, where they would see which bull could shoot the furthest and/or the biggest stream of cum.  The subbies involvement would be to act a fluffer to the bull, while the Mistress stroked her bull off.)
3) Cream Pie Eating (after the Mistress’ bull lover deposited his huge sticky and gooey load of cum into the Mistress, She would then squat over the subbie’s face.  The subbie would then have to lap up every drop of the cum with no leakage and nothing left behind, and winner be the fastest cum eater)
4) Anal Shooter (Mistress would use her strap-on dildo on her subbie, and take him in his ass.  The competition would be to see which subbie could last the longest before he spurted his cum on the clean white sheet under his cock.)

 The Story Thus Far:


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