Chicklets-Tiny-SizeCaution Extreme Humiliation Post Not For the Faint of Heart  

What’s the difference between chiclets and dicklets?


The former has more of a chance in ending up in a woman’s mouth.

I just had a wonderful session with one of my humiliation pets Marcie. Now Marcie is an interesting case. I was informed that the wonderful Mistresses of LDW have made a little deal w/ dear Marcie; which is basic and seems to work wonderfully. In return for not afflicting the female population with the affront of her sissy clit-of-a-dick, which Marcie has readily agreed to for the benefit of all womankind, “she” is allowed to cum to her little cocklet’s content –so long as it’s by her own hand and under a the guidance and blessing of a Femdom  Mistress. Now don’t worry pets, our conversations are strictly confidential unless you expressly request me to blog about you. (Marcie was very excited to oblige me)

It has been determined this kind of amusement is the main entertainment value that she can offer. The laughter she inspires as she regales tales of her misadventures of panty boy stroker fantasies gone awry. The idea of her preening in panties causes even the most stern of Us into gaggles of giggles. This is like fuel to the fire for her.

Her impressive dedication to keeping within the bounds of her word is inspiring so I tend to take the pity on her little wannabe sissy dick but I must say, it’s not as if there are women just waiting for an opportunity to subjugate themselves to her lack of potency -not even the more masochist of the bunch. So this terminal case of virginity is her fate regardless of any divine Mistress intervention. Past lessons of would-be affairs have sealed this dicklet’s destiny.

Even a boner donor would be useless at this point as Marcie would lack the ability to even know what to do with a real cock at this point. No worries though dear, so long as you stay under the binds of panties and keep that tiny cock to yourself, you will always have Us Mistresses to amuse.

Questions of the Day:

Why do you enjoy humiliation if that’s your fave fetish? Do you know your brand of humiliation? Come on, confess all you secret humiliation sluts! 😉