Think of this as an instance where you basically have the polar opposite of the “master of your domain contest” but it poses an equally challenge set up. It’s not about finishing fast but instead Endurance is the key to extend stamina and orgasmic release. Slow and steady wins out whip that cock into shape. Build up those bouncing balls so that you can feel the burn and still stroke on that shaft without cumming.

I want to take you to the edge over and over again till you can almost taste the finish line. Thing is, it keeps moving forward in the horizon the closer you get the farther it extends outward seemingly endless into the sky. You’ll just have to masturbate to the mirages in your mind as you grow more and more determined to find your way out of the desert of denial.
To prepare instead of lifting weights you just need to learn to wait and work through the steady burn.

I wonder what sort of carrot I should dangle in front of that dick to keep that cock motivated? I’m sure I can think of something to keep you pressing on to beat off to your best all-time record.

It will be so fun having you simmering and sweating building up a Zen think runner’s high from exerting that prick stick into high gear. Maybe you will even end up in my personal Hall of Fame of the Legendary Winner’s Circle Jerk.