Some like it hot and the heat is blazing in your cock’s inferno. Just what have you gotten yourself into when you signed on to this chastity challenge? Well you’ll just have to wait and experience it for yourself since words belie the rather excruciating ordeal that awaits you.
Long term lock-up is quite a feat and it takes a devoted submissive and an equally dedicated domina to manifest this labor of lust. Or shall I say labor of lust thwarted. Just how long will you be caged down? Oh it will feel external alright!

You must be prepared for swollen balls, restless nights a highly sensitized shaft nagging and chaffing you with the attempt at an erection leaving sex on your mind constantly. You may feel like your climbing mt. everst with those boulders of distension dragging you back down again and again like a Sisyphean sex slave.
I love being the little she-devil on your shoulder goading you on one minute and tempting you to give up the next. It’s my way of training you of course but I can’t help it if I get a sadistic flash of pleasure from your pain now can I?

You have the strength to preserve if you really embrace the challenge head-on
One  must go through hell before you get to enter heaven though and pleasing your cock teasing Dominatrix is just that if you manage to be one of the stoic and steadfast pets that can withstand the test of fire.