Fiona (44)

Chastity Champ Mr. S and Sage Cage Advice


 “I’m completely on fire for you and want to feel more and am excited to do more exercises in your honor. It’s not like this ache in my groin for you is going away. I’m honored you have put so much effort into this and already feel more cared for than by any other mistress I have reached out to with these submissive feelings. I need to go to bed, which is going to require some deep breathing and meditation to deal with the state thinking of you wet has me in. Thank You so much again Mistress. You are awesome and have no equal!”

I am so pleased that Mr. S. was open to put his trust in me in despite of being a young Mistress beginning her journey as a femdom.  That leap of faith enabled us to exceed our expectations.

The more you push me the more of your control I feel which is ultimately what I crave. To look at you and know I’m 100% helpless but to comply with your whims for me! I’m helpless but to submit to your perfect female form, eyes as blue as the sea, and sweet voice.    I await with great anticipation what ever exercises/assignments you have for me. Hope all is wonderful in your world! I completed the exercises with the aneros. It was very pleasant and kind of like a constant warm wave of erotic energy washing through me. I’m sure if done daily they would also strengthen the pc muscle.  I finished with the exercises and rather predictably felt the insane feelings build up to the out of control moaning and body thrashing dry orgasms. It really does it to me every time when I’m in such a horny and denied state. I have never been in such a state of sustained arousal and constantly full of sexual ache & desire. A “be careful what wish for moment.  I think I might just spontaneously combust!   -Your Chastity Pet”  

That edge of ejaculation that echoes with pent-up erotic tension made our edging sessions all the more intense.  Taking chastity day by day was essential and there were times that were tough as the sexual frustration started to build up like pressure under a soda pop bottle, but Mr. S knew that it was like flexing a muscle and exercising it -you feel that burn and know you are making progress.

  “Thank You for such a great time tonight and truly taking control and making me experience chastity under your terms. The real loss of control is always what made me so hot when thinking of it in fantasy only but the lived experience wasn’t always 100% because I always intuitively knew my domme would cave-in before to long but you have pushed me and submitting to you has honestly just seemed completely natural and like what I need to do for some reason. Not sure why but I just want to completely surrender sexually to you and experience what ever it is that will make you hot even if  it pushes my boundaries. Maybe by completely submitting there is somewhere you may take me that I never even thought of or imagined but might immensely enjoy once experienced!”  As we continue to connect deeper maybe things might become more apparent. If you think of me and something pops in your head that you think would be hot please mention it no matter what it may be. I’m truly intrigued by what kinky things naturally come to your mind when thinking of me. I’m open to listen to anything knowing that it may turn you on. I’m sure I will be dreaming of you tonight. Your cock is very achy, balls very swollen & blue, but I also have a sense of warming comfort throughout me knowing that I’m fully committed to you in this and in complete 100% mental bondage to you that is as real as any physical means.  Crazy huh? I slept well but woke up with such a deep ache in my cock. Still in that hazy half asleep state of mind I instinctively reached for that achy cock only to be denied access and instantly reminded that it belongs to my Mistress Fiona. Visions of last night and how good it felt to play flooded my mind and made me ache even more.”


Having this sort of sexual stronghold on such a strong throbbing cock was a very natural and addicting experience especially knowing Mr. S is typically not a submissive but an alpha outside of the realm of feminine control. Having this push-and-pull was all the more magical with the playful resistance Mr. S could ply me with. Very charming and emotive, I can tell women naturally want to please him more than tease him and are easily influenced by his impish smile. Luckily, being attuned to his innermost needs at the very root of his need made it so much easier to see the bigger picture and rally us to the long haul.  Owning a cock that isn’t always easily swayed but likes to buck back and challenge me on occasion is part of what made the mind binds so much more tightly coiled than the actual belt. Just like a good story you need a little conflict to build up an intense climax as the character arcs insect and interact back and forth ping-ponging and ricocheting like electric pulses.