Cabinet of Curiosities


Welcome to My Gallery; the Carnal Cabinet Chock Full of a Curious Kinkified Collection of Strange Facts From Fetish Femdom Exploration and Beyond:



Don’t lie to beauty’s eye when you behold her….

-Telling a convincing lie to someone is much more difficult when you find them sexually attractive.

 Low calories AND gluten-Free!

-Sperm contains approx. 5 calories….so CEI and subbie cocksuckers have no fear!

-Sex burns off on average of about 100 calories (maybe more depending on how long it lasts and positions.

– On average,  two to five million sperm are released during ejaculation….. No wonder he’s so sleepy after

-During any given period, women who read romance novels have a tendency to have twice as many lovers as those who don’t. Does Erotica count you think?

– Almost a third of all women over 80  still have sex with their spouse or boyfriend (OR BOTH 😉 )

Maybe not faster than a speeding bullet but….

-When a man ejaculates, the initial spurt travels at 28 miles per hour.

-The testes increase in size by 50% when a man is sexually aroused.

Goddess Worship

The word “clitoris” is Greek meaning “divine and goddess like.” So come show your respect at our temples.