Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

What’s a femdom to do when she’s in the bathtub and the phone rings? Last week I didn’t realize I hadn’t logged off the line and drew myself a nice revivifying bubble bath.  My favorite rose bath bomb fortified just the hint of honey and lavender oil added in for good measure to be exact.  As soon as I sank into the suds and took a deep breath I hear my work line trill with it’s typical jaunty “Bbbriinnnggg”. Now normally the purr of my work line makes me tingle with excitement. Just knowing that one of my pets in awaiting the sound of my voice on the other end makes me smile. But now here I was in my claw footed tub covered in a smattering of soapy foam.

Duty Calls

Luckily the phone was mere inches away on my vanity table.  Still, I  was hesitant to leave the warm waters lathered luxuriantly around my body. I knew I would be disappointed in myself to leave a pet hanging though, so I slipped out enough to grasp my headset.  Then I was ecstatic to find out that the pet calling was one of my very favorites! I had a feeling he would be more than happy to know I was nude and naughty in the bath. Typically, I wouldn’t  do this for just any caller and I realize some pets require different things to be comfortable on a call. However, this pet and I are simpatico when it comes to knowing what the other needs. It worked out just perfectly for us both.


Private Lagoon

I immediately confessed to my pet the situation. Just as I expected the reaction was that of surprised pleasure to have caught me in a bit of a comprising position. Without divulging too much information, we both had a stimulating and wondrously divine time. All the while I was cocooned in my little private lagoon. Thanks so much my doe-eyed little vampire!