Spanking Factoids And Whipping You Into a Frenzy

Being Bad Never Felt So Good -Come on Corporal Play is a turn-on and you know it but…Did you know?

* Paddles that have holes through the board pack a more painful punch than ones that don’t.  This is because the holes help prevent a cushion of air resistance from forming. The same works if you fan out your fingers so they are slightly splayed for a bareback hand smack session. Now that’s aerodynamic ass-play!

*In order to prevent the belt used for a spanking session from wrapping about the submissive’s waist it’s imperative to double fold the length of it. This way it will be easier to hit the targeted area and will not result in welts and bruises.  A strap is basically a short variation of this and makes it easier to meet your targeted mark.

*The Staccato little stings of the riding crop are very different from the comparatively light whap of a birch bundle. On account of the  lightweight surface area of the twigs, their sting is more cumulatively felt over a longer spank-a-thon session.

*A Tawse is an implement for spanking that has origins in Scotland tradition. It’s a flat surfaced strap essentially but it’s surface is divided into 2 or more “tongues”.

*Think of it as an art form. Making the submissive wait prostrated in the OTK position unaware of when and what will strike them from behind keeps that electric little thrill of anticipation alive.

*Custom-made paddles is a great suggestion from my Sissy Maid Sadie –(thanks for sharing your DIY project).  It shows even more submission to forge your own punishment implement and can be personalized with the name of your mistress/owner as well as your pet name.

A few links to inspire you are:

It’s a sexy  privilege and a punishment and so versatile!

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What are some of your favorite spanking tools to use/have used on you? These questions are for the SWAT (heehee) team of LDW Mistresses and Subbies alike!


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