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Brand Spankin’ New Fave Fetish of Mine

Sweet Lips

Spanking Factoids And Whipping You Into a Frenzy

Being Bad Never Felt So Good -Come on Corporal Play is a turn-on and you know it but…Did you know?

* Paddles that have holes through the board pack a more painful punch than ones that don’t.  This is because the holes help prevent a cushion of air resistance from forming. The same works if you fan out your fingers so they are slightly splayed for a bareback hand smack session. Now that’s aerodynamic ass-play!

*In order to prevent the belt used for a spanking session from wrapping about the subsmissive’s waist it’s imperative to double fold the length of it. This way it will be easier to hit the targeted area and will not result in welts and bruises.  A strap is basically a short variation of this and makes it easier to meet your targeted mark.

*The Staccato little stings of the riding crop are very different from the comparatively light whap of a birch bundle. On account of the  lightweight surface area of the twigs, their sting is more cumulatively felt over a longer spank-a-thon session.

*A Tawse is an implement for spanking that has origins in Scotland tradition. It’s a flat surfaced strap essentially but it’s surface is divided into 2 or more “tongues”.

*Think of it as an art form. Making the submissive wait prostrated in the OTK position unaware of when and what will strike them from behind keeps that electric little thrill of anticipation alive.

*Custom-made paddles is a great suggestion from my Sissy Maid Sadie –(thanks for sharing your DIY project).  It shows even more submission to forge your own punishment implement and can be personalized with the name of your mistress/owner as well as your pet name.

A few links to inspire you are:

It’s a sexy  privilege and a punishment and so versatile!

See also by the lovely Empress Constance.

What are some of your favorite spanking tools to use/have used on you? These questions are for the SWAT (heehee) team of LDW Mistresses and Subbies alike!

18 comments to Brand Spankin’ New Fave Fetish of Mine

  • Mistress Amber

    I have found no better way to discipline than to spank! Suffice to say, my paddle has gotten alot of use over the years. When subs talk back or disobey the rules, they are bent over my knee in short order. The skirt comes up and my paddle goes to work. If I am very angry, there will be an audience when I spank, so naughty subs should watch out. Mistresses don’t play when it comes to establishing order!

    • Fiona

      Well said Mistress Amber! I thoroughly enjoy our Mistress sessions and your amazing blog! You are so well spoken and full of eloquent conviction.

  • sissymaid Sadie

    Thank you Ma’am
    Making that paddle For mistress
    To use as a punishment tool
    Also made me focus on my task
    And serves as a reminder as mine
    Is please & never disappoint

  • SWAT team! I love it! Did you really require sissymaid sadie to make a paddle to use as her own punishment? That’s a wonderful idea! I’ve heard of cutting your own switch for Mistress to sting your fanny, but fashioning your own paddle is so much better! sissymaid sadie (as well as your other well-spanked pets) are lucky to have a mistress to keep them nicely disciplined. 🙂

    • Fiona

      I wish I could take credit with the DIY BDSM but actually it was another LDW mistress that is no longer will us that came up with that little make-your-own idea. Makes it all the more poetic justice-wise huh? LOL 🙂

  • Ms Fiona, this is one of my favorite subjects! It is a necessity as far as keeping naughty sissies in line. Looks like you have a strong handle in this area. I especially like the riding crop. Very good description with the “staccato little stings” is very telling and accurate. Awesome blog!

    • Fiona

      Thank you so much Mistress Meredith. I do so enjoy the sound of the rumbling whapping when you get right in that little sweet spot zone. I look forward to doing a dual mistress session with you and spanking some insubordinate sissies together! 🙂

  • wellspanked

    never let a good spanking post go to waste is what I always say. The different sensations of implements is always a fun thing to explore. Playing “guess the implement” while blindfolded, or having a random element to implement selection, or (a personal favorite) “select the next implement to be used on you”.

    Paddles are my favorite. I’ve made many, some for me, some for mistresses. mmmmmmmm.

    • Fiona

      Yes, the “pick your poison” choice is classic!
      I love your idea for the guessing game. -If a subbie is stuck on trying to figure out what is being used -a mistress will just have to keep striking away with the selected implement of ambiguity. 😉

  • I love a Mistress who knows how to make a bottom red!

    OTK spanking is my favorite. I love delivering swat after swat as they squirm in a dizzying mix of pain and pleasure. Interestingly, the more they beg for a break, the harder their cock throbs against my lap. 😉

  • Kinkstress Lena

    Fiona, you have rekindled my interest in spanking!! I got away from it, but now think I would like to return. To answer your question, I LUV the wooden spoon. Even though it is small, the sting it provides is better than a paddle for me. There is something about the surface area it covers on a sub’s ass. The doubled belt is a close second. The streaky red marks it makes on an ass, are not soon forgotten. Light, easy to swing weapons of spanktitude are best in my opinion.

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