Give a man a mask and he will reveal his true self. -Oscar Wilde

Do you feel it? That crackling volt of energy surging through the online ethers? It’s that age-old Mistress Mojo magic coming right at ya directly from the LDW Empire. Witchy women all throughout history have a long standing tradition of cock control and man manipulation and in modern day this ancient wisdom & kink has been conjured up with a big ol’ heaping handful of hedonistic hell-raising that will make your hair stand on end.

In tribute to all that have cum before us, are presently here on earth or passed on to the great beyond and those still waiting to spring forth from the ashes of the old, we have prepared a little autumnal potion & are all bubbling over with a brew full of tricks and treats for you all. Don’t miss out!

The party doesn’t end at Halloween. No my little cyberslaves and guy-golems the end is but the new beginning….

We have our broomsticks and cock-whips at the ready. Do you dare enter our hallowed haunts? When masquerading in disguise what darkness from the depths of your shadow self do you wish to dance with and confession to us?




Pass the Pumpkin Tricks and Treats


Give us the code or turn into a toad

Give us the code or turn into a toad!




Put on a show!!!! I want to see you all dolled up and in costume. Especially my femfabulous sissies! No excuses, it’s not too late to don a tutu or some pixie glitter, glow sticks and wings and show off for me via Skype cam during our Mistress Marathon Slumber Party!






Mistress Marathon


Stay posted for more special events for our anniversary!

That’s right I am auctioning off 3 little treasures this November.  I am so psyched to share a little of my own personal kinky collection with you.

And don’t think I have forgotten…..I own you all a little update about my new man-meat Xander and still have a back-up of blog posts to get to you but all in due time. You know how I LOVE making you wait…..think of it as tease and delay bwhahahaha

Wishing you lots of Lollicocks and clit candy!