Fermented Like Fine Wine


I have a confession to make. I have always had an affinity for older men. They are so flavorful, fermented like fine wine, and worldly in ways that boys my own age lack.

It’s such a rush to have a man seen to the outside world as possessing powerful, experienced sophistication, while being fully aware of the sweet little secret that he is transformed in a love struck pup when I saunter around in a short skirt and sleek heels. The very tingle of my laughter can make even the embittered bachelor’s heart skip a beat. The flutter of my lashes and taut silhouette of my frame has the ability to make a tingle surge through their very core.

The contrast of a little sprite of a gal taking the reigns and deciding  your fate of pleasure, desire, passion and need you’ve never before envisioned as possible, is one of the simplest yet most gratifying of pleasures.


An older man is capable of understanding and accepting the simple fact that all men crave cock control. They need it. The value of tease and delay is not lost on them, nor is the delicate, painful pleasure of extreme edging. Accumulating cum over time makes the release that much sweeter after the divine torture makes them grateful to be allowed to earn every last drop.


Claiming cocks and collecting crushes is a very satisfying pastime. Although I do find that one can never have too many and I’m always on the hunt for more trophies to display and show-off. A menagerie of men folk is highly recommended in any girl’s arsenal of accessories. Just like a new pair of shoes, a man can help a glow alight on your cheeks that will render all your pals both curious and envious to know what you’ve been up to.


More mature men tend to be more confident in their skills, while not being overly cocky. The world is good at kicking the arrogant on their ass so after a few blows of reality; there is a seasoned patina of earthiness and humble understanding that is quite desirable and effective to help keep a man in his proper place. They also know how to please a woman, and have learned that we always come first.