Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Beauty and the Bull

Once upon a time, post happily ever after,

Mistress Belle started to ponder the fate of one of her bulls. Tristan just wasn’t cutting it anymore. In her full stud stable of menfolk, she never once had to make such a harsh decision before. But how could she keep such a straggler in her free-range cock brigade? Three strikes against him, Tristan really should have been dismissed already. Something made her hold on to him though. An undefinable but undeniable tangible magnetism made for a compelling connection in her extensive cock collection.

From Bullets to blanks

His lack of potency might have something to do with his fear of getting long in tooth and being put out to pasture. There were so many young, strong men that have been slowing filling the ranks. Unlike Mistresses, who seemed to flourish with age, perhaps he feared he was going to be rendered obsolete and unneeded.  Chastity might be the temporary answer, after enduring a few months subjected to lock-up, ruined orgasm training and being submissively cuckolded maybe he would once again thrive reemerging as a newly released cage-free cock. That could potentially do him some good. Or…

As uncommon as it was maybe something more drastic was called for….

When a Bull Bottoms Out: Alpha To Beta

Perhaps the answer lies in a simple change of roles. Maybe Tristan should be a bottom. A new toy for her other bulls to play with. Mulling it over, the idea seemed more and more fitting. A new perspective as a cum-catcher would be sure to reinvigorate his prostate.  With a wicked gleam she plotted and planned…