Naughty Paws and Missed Calls

Hello my pets! I currently am trying to sort out some technical issues with my Plantronics landline phones.  One of my dear little naughty pets (of the four-legged whiskered variety) chomped clear through my headset wires a few weeks ago.  Upon replacing it and using my backup’s slightly older model’s base and charger, I erroneously thought the problem was simply solved.  However, while both are compatible they don’t charge each other completely.  So the charge has been leaking out of them abruptly and at the most inopportune times despite being seemingly full bar & fully charged. I can hear the ring but can’t pick up without it disconnecting.

So Bear with Me than Bare it All to Me;)

So my little cum-cuties and stroker sluts, please know if you have had a hard time getting through I’m really not trying to play hard to get. I just have been having trouble keeping my line ringing without the charge shooting its load before I reach it.  Luck for me though, one of my tech savvy sluts is going to come by and make sure everything is up and ready for calls tonight.  I’ll be sure when we speak you’ll be heard loud and clear so get ready to play! Think of this brief pause as edging and delayed gratification inspiration!


In the meantime I’m gonna revisit Paul Newman via Cool Hand Luke