cjpromo2SOCK HOP


As we bid a fond farewell to Masturbation May, the kinky cast of the Empire already has new thrills and epic events lined up. We have to keep you all properly entrenched in desire don’t we now? Make those cocks and sissy clits dizzy and in a tizzy!  If left to your own devices I have a feeling those idle hands might end up causing you trouble. So keep those fingers occupied for our Cock Jock Mistress Marathon!


You are all cordially invited:

WHEN: June 6th 10 am -10 pm

WHERE: Our Community Kink Chat Room and cockradio.com

Led by the radiant Ms. Catherine with many special guests throughout the duration of our rotation

 We will have a full 12 hours of chat at Community Kink as well as mystery mistresses that will broadcast live from Cock Radio streaming straight to you. The order of appearance is a surprise so you’ll just have to wait to hear which lovely lady will be on when she takes up the mic from hostess to hostess.

If that’s not enough we will be games, music trivia, jokes galore (you may even learn some new stroker techniques)and…..anyone that calls between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. gets a Ten min. FREE CALL!

I expect you will all be there ready for a rollicking good time.  I already have my party panties all picked out and ready to go! And I know all of my pets will be there as well to join in the merriment and festivities. Special surprise to that my first caller on the 6th! Don’t miss out!


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