To Have and To Cuckold

Confessions of a Cuckolded & Humiliated Husband

 Guest Post by cuckoo for cuckolding

Baby It’s Co-co-Cuck-cold…*shivers and teeth chattering*

A cozy fire flickering invitingly is fogging up the lacey frost on the icy window panes. Freshly made soup simmers on the stove and I can smell the pumpkin spice from my hunched hidden spot at the side window.


I see you brushing back a golden lock of hair that strayed from your French twist. You are a vision of divinity to behold. I momentarily forget the extreme chill settling in my bones and can think only of the rock hard erection that is throbbing in my jeans for you.


I lick my chapped lips and sharply intake a breath of arctic air. It stings my lungs as I gasp at the aching beauty of you as you turn to him. He swoops you into his arms and you curl into his embrace looking radiant and carefree. I have never once seen you look at me that way, so nakedly aroused and uninhibited. How is it you shine so much brighter for him?


He dips your head back and tilts you over the low table. You fling off your bra in one fluid motion and he begins suckling your fingers one by one. When he gets to your wedding ring he edges it off in an instant. With the swift precision of his tongue and teeth HE spits it out, discarding it onto the cabin floor.


It’s then that I catch sight of it. That behemoth monstrosity of a cock sprung loose from his pants. I’ll never forget the glint in your eye & that look that flits across your face. It’s going to forever be seared into my psyche. Even so, I cannot help but begin to stroke my pathetically dwarfed dick at the mere sight of you, my wife about to get feverishly fucked before my very eyes.

 Are you a cuckold? If so, what kind of cuckold?