Your collaborator in kinky hijinks is back boys and gurls! The summer heat and naughty in the flesh rendezvous had left me exhausted and estivating in the A/C till cooler temps came back to the coast. I have always been too hot blooded to enjoy the sweltering humidity of summer (Queue the song FEVER by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell and recorded by Peggy Lee).  And apparently I have been quite missed! I have quite a traffic jam of emails piling up in my Enchantrix account and have to admit and I thrilled to be back and reconnecting to my kink community. You all have been on my dirty mind as  well and this babe is back in biz.

The following is an email from one of my fave sissies:


Hi Enchantrix Fiona,

This is Sissy Stephanie; we’ve talked several times through Sissy School and I explained that I amt a sissy cuckold and my wife is now dating a gentleman who is actually 10 years younger than I am. I told you that she joined us in a cuckold club where we go several times a month. I also explained that the other sissies and I rehearse and perform a dance routine for our wives/gf and their boyfriends. You might recall that I was really nervous going to rehearsal because wearing a leotard and tights really exposed my lack of endowment; we have 2 female instructors and somehow, despite being a sissy, I was still embarrassed about this fact. You gave me wonderful advice and said that was because I was still regarding myself as man and not as a sissy. Somehow it really resonated when you told me that all you sissies will be wearing the same thing and that the dance instructors obviously aren’t going to be checking you out as they would a group of guys. As I told you previously, since you gave me that sage advice, I have had a much easier time accepting being a sissy.

Anyway, I would be so honored if you were to post my story on your blog, At my wife’s request, my name is now Anna. She also told me to tell you that I use her boyfriend’s last name just to make sure I understand he is the man. So I either go by “Sissy Anna” or “Anna Jones.” She got the idea of assigning the man’s last name at the club. My wife also has taken his last name which was really humiliating but I’ve gotten used to it.

With your permission I would love to write my story for your blog.

Thank you,

Sissy Anna

Of course my lovely, I love posting about my pets and am currently working on one about dick -diddler Dave. Have any steamy stories to share? Send them to me