As a relatively new mistress, I have been pleasantly taken aback by the sheer volume of submissives that have been angling for my attention and while it’s thrilling to have at my disposal more love-slaves than I know what to do with as my signature honeyed allure laced with sugared acerbic arsenic seems to be working to attract more bees buzzing about then I ever imagined. In the process of the scant few months I’ve been at the Empire, there has been a reoccurring request that has been brought up repeatedly in our sessions together that after much deliberation I figured I should address here in my blog, so that when you call we can get down and dirty to more pressing matters at hand (such as that cock of yours and how I plan to control its every move 😉 So class, think you know what I mean? This reoccurring theme I am referring to is….. servant contracts!


Now in the past I have been exceedingly reticent about the use of such documents since it’s not a one-size fits all endeavor –especially since as you know, some of you have exceedingly tiny clit-cocks while others are perhaps adequately endowed but in need of chastity supervision, or are orally fixated and in need of proper dick sucking instruction.

So in summary I have a broad menagerie, a veritable rainbow of fetish pets all attracted by my milieu of tempting delicacies –however each of you is in need of something slightly different. Be it nefarious nurturing involving making you bow down to whatever crumbs I throw you, while others are best ruled on a longer leash. Simply put, there are many forms of femdom. So what is a busy mistress to do? Never fear darlings, I am always thinking about new ways to torture you by poisoning your pleasure with painful orgasm edging.

The world is full of subbie guppies in the sea of sadomasochism so one vital aspect to know is I share well with others. I often even prefer to work in conjection with other LDW doms so a contract document would not mean you would be exclusively bound to report only to me. The more mistresses the merrier I always say. That way we can go tandem and gang up on ya 😉


I still feel customizing a contract on a case-by-case basis is best and therefore any written form  is subject to tweaking and alterations, addition content and any whims I see fit but I have set up some irrefutable baselines in a document I wrote up to help ease the process of personalization, negotiation, thoughtful consideration. This template of terms of erotic servitude  is now available upon request to be perused by prospective supplicants. Contact me by email for more information. While not legally binding, this is a serious ritualized formality  indicative of your dedication to your role in the LDW BDSM community.