Mistress Instant Message Q/A

What makes you a good fem domme, why should I pick you out of all the mistresses? -Misty

Better question to ask as is what makes you a good submissive worthy of a mistress such as myself?
All the mistresses here at LDW are excellent and it’s more a matter of finding what style
works best for you. Some are sensual some are more hardcore but we are all amazing.

When you dominate do you require your submissives to only call you? -Dawn

Not at all, I have many subbies so I don’t mind if my pets have other mistresses. In fact somtimes it’s fun
to outnumber a subbie with a two mistress call or a game of pass-the-penis. The more mistresses the merrier.

Do you void assignments from other mistresses? -Mac

Only if they gave you a void clause. -And I will be sure to confirm with them so if you are lying you will be found out
and punished as She and I deem fit. 😉

Do you enjoy what you do? -Steph

Hell yeah! I never would have guessed that having a dirty one-track mind and a foul mouth would be so fun and lucrative.

Do you ever get female callers? -Larry

Yes, I have. It’s definitely rare but I have gotten a few.  Mostly couple calls in which the wife was looking for tips to dominate her husband which is always helluva hot and fun.

Do you have a slave dungeon? -Kenny

No, not of my very own where I live although I have utilized dungeon co-opt clubs lol. I don’t require one since I have toys aplenty and anything else I need for dominating, I make my pets buy/make. I do so love the art of improvisation *wicked grinz,* Be warned that you will be bound by mental chains in the world I create and ensnarl you in. These invisible bonds tighten like tentacles even between sessions. 😉