Anal-yze This: Anger Purgative through Pegging

Five Stages For SPH Cuckies Part 2

Coauthored by Jack-Off Julie


Edited & Adapted From an Interview in Word Press Optimization Format By Fiona

Please refer to for Part 1

When I was a new little hatchling of a cuckie, I was incredibly angry. Not so much about being cuckolded as I had an intense love-hate relationship with it but it undeniably turned me on. The real anger I felt was at my perceived loss of control. I felt like I didn’t have control over anything and it permeated everything in my life. I came to realize however that I, and for that matter no one, not even my wife or her bull lover never really had control over the cards we were dealt. So I learned to play the hand I had. Even when that meant literally using my hand to jack-off in panties.

The realize change in me happened though during my first pegging experience. When my wife took me, her newly anointed cuck husband, an anal virgin no less, I left such a deeply moved change in me. I felt like the burden of my need for control was costing me a lot of pleasure and in fact causing me to feel that anger that I had carried deep inside for so long. I don’t recommend this for everyone since it’s an extreme lifestyle by society’s standards but I know it worked for me and I can see now a part of me always loved the idea of playing this role.

Addressing this anger and letting it go helped me to move to the next phase which is bargaining.

Cuck Out of Luck

Bargaining (Stage 3) and wagering with a girlfriend or femdom hot wife is never helpful as it is always a furtive attempt to prevent the inevitable. Sometimes however, a subbie hubby may start bargaining with himself. Like perhaps if I do X than Y will have to let me do Z. Or if I don’t put on panties than I am not really going to be cucked. Or it could be more psychological sabotage that would result in me buying ever miracle “cure” on the market in attempt to try a grow the shaft and balls that were actually just symbolic of the kahunas I so sorely longed for and sought after to turn my cucking dreams into part of my real life relationship.

Sub-MISSION: Acceptance

Lucky for me the testing phase of bargaining and Grief (Stage 4) was short lived as over time, not all at once mind you but gradually I slowly and surely found the Acceptance (Stage 5) I needed to really enjoy my submission. The real grievance and gloom and doom evaporated when I realized I was still very much loved by my wife. She always said she saw me as her best friend and without such high expectations on me I feel our marriage has flourished since we have been a cucking couple. She loves to talk, confine in, and take me shopping like one of her girlfriends. Not that I’d suggest this fetish for everyone, or even all cucks for that matter but for me I am one happy, pantied cuck-submissive.

Please note also that not all cucks wear panties just as some don’t become fluffers or cuck-suckers.  Those are not the stages of being a full-blown cuck just variations of different kinds of cuck kinks some incorporate into their cuckoldry coupling. The cuckold lifestyle itself is not meant for everyone.😉