Abuzz about Vibrators

All the Buzz About Cocks and Vibrators

 So what’s all the buzz about vibrators and cocks? What exactly happens when cock meets vibe? A recent email inquiry brought up this great topic. Let’s take a look at  an excerpt:

“Did you know that guys can use vibrators to orgasm, too?  I tried this for the first time the other day (with the clean end of an electric toothbrush) I placed it on the underside of my cock, by the frenulum. 

The orgasm was good, too, but I was wondering if you have any tips on how to enhance the experience? I mean… (Did I place it in the right spot? would it be better if I started out flaccid etc.?) I read online that vibrators are used to induce orgasm in guys with spinal injuries, but that’s pretty much all I could find in terms of use… Seeing as I’m sure you have a lot of experience in this area, I was hoping you could post kind of a tutorial on your blog, with some tips on how to use a vibe properly I’m sure the guys would learn something new, anyway. You sure are creative with your words! haha.”

 Yes indeed! There are a myriad of masturbation techniques involving using vibrators on those cocks and balls (sissy clitties too), as well as,  obviously, internally. Fear not, there is no right or wrong way to utilize them so long as it feels right.  That said, not all like the sensation but the ones that do, LOVE it! Like any other fetish or sexual position or prop,  it takes time and practice to feel comfortable with its unique experience. If you are curious give it a try adventurous readers!


Scrotal massage, and perineum tickling are also popular areas for some good vibes. Others enjoy gently rolling their balls and cock around the thinner vibrators and pushing into the pulsations of pleasure as needed.

Whereas the “C” shaped buzzers are great for wrapping around the spongy tissue as it hardens while simultaneously being worked all the way from the tip of the shaft to the base and then moving towards the ass taking liberties with the prostate and penetration as desired. The buzzer can be worked between the balls and shaft and alternately used by snaking up and down the back of the cock and pressed gently into the center of the balls while moving outwards in lazy circles to the base of the erection and back again. The glans and the rim around and just underneath it, as well as the surface tracing the meatus are especially responsive. FYI 😉

My Personal Fave Vibrator Technique:

Of course, my favorite tried and true method is tying/handcuffing a pet and over-stimulating said pet with my magic wand by lightly brushing it to and fro with increasing intensity and speed but without letting that cock get desensitized while I squeeze and pump those balls gently. If my pet proves to be  good and I’m feeling generous, I let them release like a bottle rocket launching into a  geyser.

If, however they are naughty or I just feel like CBT/ tormenting them, I ruin the orgasm and let the cum dribble out. On the occasion I feel extremely devil-icious I’ll use the vibe for prostate milking while in tandem with making my pet watch me get myself off with my own buzz-cock. He would watch on forlornly, completely helpless and horny.  Sometimes it proves to be just too much of a good thing like any princess of a  li’l torture-teaser will tell ya. Let’s face it, subbies weren’t build for satisfaction. Regardless of if you cum or not you’ll always be hungry for more.  ????

**Keep in mind to start on a low setting and for some pets it takes a few attempts to get adjusted to  the sensations before the beginnings of an earth- shattering orgasm can take hold (pending you get permission of course).