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Adventures in the Virtual Empire

Adventures in the Virtual Empire

From an email inquiry:

SiouxieQ: Are you part of the virtual Enchantrix Empire sim Miss Fiona?

Answer:  Not yet!

I need to update my graphics card and then I hope join my other Mistress lovelies there. I dabbled in the sim a little when we first were in talks of adding it to the Empire.  I only used the free demo. Unfortunately, my current system was overwhelmed with loading all the visuals and it almost fried my laptop. I think I can easily remedy this in the not too distant future so hold tight and I’m on my way.

In the meantime I’m sure you can give it a whir if you haven’t already. It’s amazing how intricate the virtual universe is and it’s always expanding. So far I have loved seeing all the Mistresses transform to their virtual versions and am always intrigued when the kinky adventures they are having are posted on tumblr in screenshots. What a wonderful way to be dominated on a whole new level!



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