Acclimating Your Tiny Man

Guest Post By My Talented Toe Fucker- Thanks Babe ~Fiona 😉

When you acquire a tiny man, you have to remember, first and foremost, that you have become his entire world. You are a redwood-sized goddess compared to him, and no matter how gentle a giantess you are, experiencing you will intimidate him at first. How you acclimate him to his new status as your pet will make a huge difference to your relationship with him. As always, context is key. There are plenty of variables, like how big he is and his temperament. All that said, there are a few tricks that can get you and your new pet started.

Go Slowly (at least at first)

Even if he’s a “gigantic” six inches tall (and he probably won’t even reach that height – the average tiny man is only two inches from head to toe), you will dwarf your tiny man. He’s going to become nervous if you constantly pick him up and move him about at your speed, and if he’s nervous he won’t be nearly as playful. Instead, try staying still – sitting on the couch, relaxing on your bed, or even just lying down on the floor at his level. (Well, as close as you’re going to get, anyway.) Put him next to you and gently encourage him to become acquainted with you. Set whatever boundaries you’re comfortable with, but letting your tiny man climb your mountainous body will help him to trust you. And frankly, it’s pretty cute to see your tiny man struggle to overcome the massive obstacle of… your pinkie toe.

Make it Enjoyable

While he’s exploring your body like the magnificent landscape it is, let him know that he can have fun. Is your new pet into breasts? Or maybe he’s more of an ass man? Let him visit the places he wants to visit. Let him do it naked (if you normally let him wear clothes, anyway) and tell him to have fun. If he decides to loiter somewhere on your body, then you know he’s found something he enjoys. Encourage him to play around once he’s found that magical place on your body: it’s hilarious to watch a tiny man make out with a nipple bigger than his head with more gusto than you’d think his minuscule body could handle, and afterward he’ll be worshipping you like you’re a modern Aphrodite. Which, to be fair, you are, but now he gets it.

Make it Even More Enjoyable (for you)

If you’re not enjoying yourself, you’re less likely to successfully acclimate your tiny man to you. After all, your feelings will be obvious when your expressions are displayed on a face the size of a billboard and your heartbeat pounds underneath him like a subterranean engine. Your pet will want to keep you pleased with him, so allow yourself to have some fun, too. Do you want to pet him while he’s on you? Go for it! Gently stroking your pet is good for your mental health, and it will get him to associate your touch with pleasant experiences. If you want him to go from mountaineering to spelunking, you can playfully point him in the direction of your pussy. It won’t take much to convince him, although it’s up to you how to handle it when he’s inevitably distracted by your clit.

No matter what, it will be an unbelievable experience for you and your little man. Good luck!