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Mwaahhh xoxoxo

Mwaahhh xoxoxo



 “And though she be but little, she is fierce”. -William Shakespeare

Take a look around and welcome to my boudoir….my own private little den of debauched inequity.  As many of you know, I am  still getting the feel for this wonderful new world and am constantly in the process of carving out my own niche but the website is starting to come along nicely.   Originally, I hail from the East Coast and make it my everlasting mission to explore my environs. This often leads to many misadventures, madcap hilarity, and at times seductive interludes and I’m looking forward to confiding where my yellow brick road (or in my case my iridescent, gem encrusted, and glitter-sprinkled rainbow road) leads. You may follow the path if you think you keep up with the pace.   I’m a miscellaneous muse and merry mistress iconoclast. I skip effortlessly between capricious whims and while typically having a bodacious enthusiasm,  I am still mature enough to enjoy a more psychological/intellectual seduction and approach to flirtations, Goddess Mistress/Femdom worship and being pleased, femme fun and girl talk, cuckolding, and coerced bi are all immensely enjoyable to me. Often men underestimate the power this little pixie has but rest assured I pack quite a punch and if you don’t believe me, then the element of surprise still reigns supreme and makes it all the easier to blindside you. I can’t wait to regale the tale of how I became a femdomme in my blog of Mistress Memoirs chronicling cocksuckers, cuckolds, cross dressers, conquests and much more!

Fast Facts and Quick Stats:

Birthday Month: January -I’m an Aquarius if you are into that sort of thing

My LDW Enchantrix Anniversary  is July 1st.

Location: Your wet dreams 😉 and the rest of the time ping-ponging around DELMARVA and DC

Kinks: I’m game for all we do here at the empire,

Pronouns: She/Her

Movies: Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Harold and Maude, The Imposters, all the Ghostbusters, Hustler, Criss Cross, Death Becomes Her, Soapdish

Recently Read Fave Books: Tuck Everlasting, The Mists of Avalon, Swan Song, If You Want To Write, Little Women, Strangers On a Train, The Picture  of Dorian Gray, The Blind Assassin   

Food: Extra Spicy Twiced Baked Mac & Cheese Florentine

and Crème Brûlée Cupcakes for Dessert

Voice Samples: Check It Out

Color:  The whole damn rainbow! Ok I’ll settle for Periwinkle or more aptly peri-twinkle since I love glitter ;).

Flowers: Passion Flowers; Alien-like and exotic. I also especially love wildflowers; I appreciate their tenacity.

Sport: Ball-busting both in the batting cages and in between the sheets 😉

Hobbies: When not taming menfolk into subbies, or playing with my boy-toy pets, I love

singing in the shower, going to the beach for a swim, drawing/doodling,

botanical photography, jewelry-design, reading, music, hiking, movies

Music: Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Queen, Miles Davis, David Bowie, Duke Ellington, Rory Gallagher, Mary Prankster, Heart, Peggy Lee, Evil Stig, Pink Floyd, Rush, Blondie, April Smith and the Great Picture Show, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Janis Ian

Contact: 1 800 721 1962


SKYPE & Yahoo Chat: EnchantrixFiona

Little niblets and tidbits about me:

-I love working here at LDW! I am ready and willing to talk and listen, guide you through sensual journeys, or just banter back and forth with you. I enjoy every fetish we specialize in here at the Empire and am constantly learning new fun ways to explore erotica. -Are you shy? No prob –I enjoy shy guys and drawing you out of your shell. Sexytexting is one of my specialties. I love connecting on a deep level with my phone friends and can lend a sympathetic ear whenever needed. -Meditations with a sexy tantric twist and chakra work are my current areas of study. I’m an autodidact in this respect mostly but I also take many classes and seminars with a focus on mind/body/spirit work. I’d love to share what I’ve learned. -I love getting emails especially from those of you who want something super-specific. This way I can make sure when you call to be at the ready and revving to rumble with ya. So any role-playing, scene-setting, special considerations, likes and preferences, and/or answers to your questions can be addressed. I am an email whiz when it comes to rapid responses & I love a challenging character to portray. -I want to know all about what makes you hot –so that I can then let you pick your poison laced within your ultimate pleasure. -Some guys prefer a more sensual approach and I tend to typically as well. I love role-playing rendezvous, switching, vanilla (but with sprinkles on top), being catered to, dressing-up femmes, convincing guys to do by bidding, and generally wreaking havoc of all kinds. -At times I’m not afraid to be submissive to the right kind of man (meaning if I think you are worthy -subbies need not apply -I can tell the difference immediately). It’s important to understand the submissive’s perspective. I am confident enough to explore both extremes like any true dominatrix that knows what courage she possesses under fire.

Diva of Decadence


Pay No Attention to That Mistress With a Heart of Gold Behind the Latex and Lace.

A  matter very close to my heart is self-acceptance. While I love driving you wild, stirring your pot, making you all matter of hot and bothered, I want to make sure all my phone confidantes feel safe ultimately and trust that while I am all game for humiliation kinks and goading as a means of arousal as well (if that is what turns you on), I want to be clear that every single one of you should feel like pioneers of pride, not shame in your life choices, and/or physical attributes. I don’t judge, patronize, pity or look down on anyone. Nor do I as a mistress, let the social stigma of my professional area of expertise stifle my style. I give respect and in turn am respected. And I care deeply about all of you just like I do about my lifestyle subs and friends of “life-action/in-the-flesh”.

It takes a lot of strength emotionally to be submissive and ultimately my power as a Domme lies in making you WANT to adhere to my whims.   Eve didn’t shove the apple down Adam’s throat -she seduced it into him 😉 Being open to me  and communicating about your hard limits is imperative as well as your understanding and identification of them as they may evolve is paramount.

Patroness of Perversity


 I do appreciate and am fully capable of a strict-mode and humiliation phone fun, although I am aware this is an acquired taste. Physical pain play is easier for many to understand as a means to extrapolate erotic pleasure than emotional/verbal/psychological humiliation pain play.

I take my domming duties very seriously and would never violate the trust of my subbies . So two important facts to keep in mind:

1. I never post blogs about submissives without permission from them.

2. Humiliation sessions are used as  a tool for erotic pleasure & healing catharsis and not a way to break anyone down or degrade them beyond the realm of their own desires and kinks and will only be conducted on the pets that seek and specifically request them.

  Providing  support/an ear to listen, is also essential to offer when needed and isn’t precluded from the former. I love both elements and am willing to go in many directions with you wholeheartedly. Genuinely I get hot using you as my plaything,  I just err on the side of caution until I get to know you and can sense what is the best path in the moment. A good mistress is still able to and should support, care for, nurture, as well as challenge, tease and playfully taunt. There is a difference between abuse and domination. The emotional and physical health of my submissives is of the utmost importance to me.

Otherwise you are rendered useless to serve me after all. 😉

Once I determine you can in fact handle hardcore and it’s indeed desired, then I’ll unleash it thoroughly as I see fit. The magic is there for me only when I know I am causing you to be cast under my spell of sensual seduction and this happens easier after a connection has a chance to be formed and built on a solid foundation.

While it’s not my standard style, rest assured, I am completely able to unleash full-on, amped-up, force-of-natural mistress play, as many can attest.  This isn’t some cheap trick or gimmick I perform though. I hold a reservoir of stealthy power; a quiet storm I can thrust upon your senses. I never yell, true strength doesn’t need to bludgeon, it artfully sneaks up and pounces before you even know what hit you. So, If  I deem you are experienced enough, have had some proper training and  are  in need of a volatile,  mercurial mistress, then sissy, get on your knees and beg me!

**Don’t worry pets, our conversations are strictly confidential unless you expressly permit me to blog about you.**


The Vixen of Verbosity    


1217207-Mistress FLORAL FIONA

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Twitter, Skype & Yahoo Chat: enchantrixfiona

Stay Tuned!