A Princess Cocktease Doesn’t Always Aim To Please

Let my clarify right off the bat so there is no misconception. I am an Enchantrix cocktease and as such I love to tease that dick of yours. It’s amazing what that dangling appendage will do for  some much needed attention. That does not mean you can expect to actually get to cum every time you call mind you. If you just want a quick wham-bam wank to jizz off to –you will be sorely mistaken.  I want to blue-ball you to the hilt. You are my plaything -not the other way around. Don’t ever forget that unless you want a harsh reminder.

There are a few things you might do to make me feel you actually  deserve an orgasm:

1. Cum Eating

Why Should You Eat Your Own Cum?

Because I said so of course! Cum is a renewable resource you should recycle to express your gratitude for being allowed to release. So if you prove interesting enough and comply I might just let you get a little treat. Last week I had a pet that pleased me so greatly that after he took all my ball-busting, and cock teasing,  I granted him some fun. He was a good little guy and cleaned up his mess. That was the deal, you pay to play by cleaning  up afterwards.

2. Impress Your Mistress

I was so impressed with my new pet since he was exemplary as to what a submissive should be. There was no topping from the bottom (which sometimes I’m game for but it can be less preferential). Instead, it was just him letting me have my way and derive pure pleasure from playing with his dick with a heaping serving of good old CEI  sprinkled with a smattering of my very own special blend of  Saccharin sweetness and seductive sadism on the side.

3. Beg and Plead

You see, chances are you won’t be able to give me any exciting sexual stimulation so you must compensate by at least not depriving me of the pleasure of laughing in mockery at the pleading, plaintive tone in your begging voice.

5. Attempt to Please

Do you think you can really please your mistress?  Hard to say,  but you should try regardless.  Your quixotic dedication should be obvious at all times.

4. Surrender To My Whims

Ultimately though, it’s my choice to decide if it’s tease and deny or tease and delay….So what do you have to say? Anything to try and sway the odds in your favor? Good luck but don’t count your cock on it…

Regardless of the outcome,  you will be sure to immensely enjoy yourself even if you are left with that echoing ache of erotic desire. You want to know why? Because I can make that dick dance under my demands like a mere puppet on a string.

Vying for control is futile. You may keep trying though  as it is endlessly entertaining.

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
EE Profile: GoddessFiona
Twitter: EnchantrixFiona


Cheers to my new cum-consumer you are stellar 😉