Rise and shine! If your morning glory doesn’t have a snooze button and the rest of you needs a little extra jolt what better way to start your day than giving that dick a dose of TLC?
It’s like a cuppa coffee for your cock. Plus there are many scientifically proven benefits to jerking off and orgasms:
Happy end quickie sessions help your body disperse the stress hormone cortisol.
You can amp up your immunity and energy with immunoglobulin. A mini-morning orgasm gets your blood flowing giving you a bright eyed, bushy tailed spark and the DHEA also aids in the anti-aging power of collagen production that can keep that skin supple and smooth.

A nice rub down always causes increases activity in the regions of your brain that are associated with anxiety and fear which can in turn increase a clear-headed concentration for more productive pursuits than worrying and fretting.

It makes you feel good inside and out and helps boost your mood. Though your mind might not feel fully awake at first the pleasure signals alight with dopamine received from your nervous system.

A delicious little awake and shake is part of a healthful and balanced breakfast of champions.
I myself admit to not being a morning person but I don’t mind making exceptions for appointments since I can thrill ya and play myself perhaps in a nice little wake-up call session and then get back to my beauty sleep until noon. The work of a mistress is never done but luckily it’s always fun.

Schedule a steamy session & a sexy story for your rooster’s morning glory 😉